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Montebello Unified School District Chief Business Officer Rueben Rojas Slammed by CSEA


Ruben Rojas was given a vote of no confidence by the CSEA, the vote was over 93%.

By Brian Hews

At last night’s Montebello Unified School District meeting, the California Schools Employees Association, the largest classified school employees union in the United States (CSEA), declared no confidence in Chief Business Officer Rueben Rojas and his ability to oversee the district business “due to the poor working environment he has created, his lack of leadership, and ability to make sound decisions that affect the community.”

The resolution brought forth the serious concerns of mismanagement to the public. “Such services are vital to the welfare and safety of students and CSEA members of the MUSD.”

The CSEA went on to slam Rojas saying that they “have zero confidence in Rojas’s leadership and capability of successfully administrating the $300 million bond that was passed last year.”

The CSEA said that Rojas has caused the morale at MUSD to be the lowest in history, and “has established a reputation of disrespect towards CSEA members.”

The resolution also accused him of cronyism, placing non-CSEA workers in place of CSEA workers.

They also accused Rojas of payroll mismanagement and causing delays for CSEA members to get paid.

The resolution ended, “Therefore be it resolved, that the members of CSEA Chapter 505 unanimously declare that they have no confidence in the leadership of Rueben Rojas.”

The no confidence comes on the heels of the recent placement of the MUSD Superintendent Susan Contreras–Smith and longtime Chief Financial Operations Officer Cleve Pell on administrative leave.


Montebello School Board Places Superintendent and Chief Financial Operations Officer on Administrative Leave

  • Miss Gallardo says:

    Stop it Miss Guido! We all know you are a big kiss ass. You’re lucky you have a job. Most districts won’t even hire a half wit like yourself! We all know you have it out for Loyd because you were voted out! Just face it, you are a natural born loser! You ran for El Monte’s school board and got less than 5% of the vote. No one cares what you have to say!