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Cerritos in final negotiations to bring Sprouts to City




Staff Report

The City of Cerritos is in final negotiations to bring Sprouts Farmers Market to the Lincoln Station shopping center located near the southeast corner of South Street and Pioneer Boulevard. The new grocery store will take the place of the Sports Authority previously located in that center.

The addition of Sprouts will be complemented by architectural upgrades and landscaping updates made to the Lincoln Station shopping center. The store is expected to open in the summer of 2017.

“I am thrilled to announce that the City is in negotiations to bring Sprouts to Cerritos,” said Mayor George Ray. “Sprouts will be a wonderful addition to our community, and the accompanying upgrades planned at Lincoln Station will help to revitalize the shopping center.”

Sprouts grocery stores offer a variety of natural, organic and gluten-free items. There are approximately 240 Sprouts stores located in 13 states throughout the country.

  • 2 Wheelin to Grand Ole Markets says:

    90703 Still needs:

    Aston Martin Dealership.
    Bently Dealership
    Bus Depot.
    Ganhal Lumber Yard.
    Gelson Groceries
    Granite Distributor
    Home Depot Superstore
    Home Goods
    Horticulture Nursery
    Honeybacked hams.
    In Out Burger near South end of town.
    Lawry’s Prime Rib
    Masereratti Dealership
    Pratt Lambert Paint store
    RV Dealership.
    Sculpture Warehouse
    Soft gambling at CCPA.
    Solar Distributor
    Soup Plantation.
    Spaghetti Factory.

    Since Cerritos has striped for bicycle lanes, mandatory that the Big Box stores put bikes out in the front section of the stores and stop displaying bikes in the rear of the stores, were the public restrooms are located. Stores need to push bike sales…………..