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Matt Lauer Was Horrible Moderator, Intimidated and Biased for Trump



By Brian Hews

Many outlets are slaming NBC’s Matt Lauer for his horrible attempt at moderating the Commander in Chief Forum last night.

He was obviously biased for Trump, and hit Clinton hard with the email issue.

He interrupted Clinton almost every question, while he allowed Trump to rant.

Was he told to hold off on Trump?


Some lowlights of what Trump said…..while Matt just sat.


Woman are to blame for sexual assault in the military.-Matt just sat.

Putin has 82% approval rating in Russia.-Matt just sat.

Putin is a great leader, far better than our president.Matt just sat.

Talking about “body language” in top secret classified CIA briefings.-Matt just sat.

Take the oil in Iraq, if we would have taken the oil, we would not have ISIS. –Matt just sat.

To the victor go the spoils.-Matt just sat.




Trump is on the record as being for the Iraq War and Libya Intervention, Trump said no I was not to Lauer’s face.-Matt just sat.

I know more than the generals.-Matt just sat.

In front of veterans, no question from Lauer about the Gold Star family he slammed. –Matt just sat.

In front of veterans, no question from Lauer about how Trump slammed John McCain. –Matt just sat.

In front of veterans, Trump trash-talked American Generals, saying they’d been ‘reduced to rubble.’ –Matt just sat.

He suggested he would fire them and replace them with hand-picked Generals. –Matt just sat.

He attacked dozens of former flag officers by saying that, quote, ‘We have been losing for us for a very long time.’ –Matt just sat.

Veteran charity scam where Trump was caught not giving money by NY Times.-Matt just sat.

Trumps’ draft dodging-Matt just sat.

Tax returns?-Matt just sat.

Trump University?-Matt just sat.



  • TimG says:

    Just a month ago, Trump was in danger of imploding. The strategy of letting Trump mouth off wasn’t going to help him. Hillary has many negatives and that story has yet to be fully aired. Did you write any stories about Hillary’s email and Clinton Foundation scandals? Hillary keeps on coughing. Any story there? Matt did interrupt Trump a lot. He interrupted Hillary too for having rambling on. Perhaps you should have a more balanced review of the actual event instead of crying foul. How did Clinton and Trump do despite Lauer’s performance? These events shouldn’t require moderators. Seems like you want Lauer to be biased AGAINST Trump.