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Trump CEO Stephen K. Bannon Was Charged With Domestic Violence

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Trump CEO Bannon was charge in 1996 with domestc violence. His wife sued to keep him away from their children later on.


By Brian Hews

Once again Donald J Trump’s choice of people running his campaign backfires as his new CEO Stephen K. Bannon allegedly beat his wife in 1996.

This certainly will cause a setback to Trump’s “outreach” towards women to his faltering campaign.

According to the police report Bannon grabbed his wife’s wrist and neck, then smashed a phone when she tried to call 911 from their Santa Monica home.

The police said they photographed marks on her wrist and her neck after the incident.

His wife Mary Louise Picard told police that Bannon abused her for years and they soon divorced after the 1996 altercation

The campaign did not respond to inquiries about the police report.

Spokes people for Breitbart declined to comment saying simply “that he has a great relationship with his ex-wife.”

Trump had made a number of derogatory statements during his campaign, and he was recently trying to reach out amid his softening campaign.

Picard took custody of their children after the divorce and said about nine months after the incident when Bannon was visiting, Bannon spanked one of his twin children who were 17 months old at the time.

Picard told him not to do that afterwards saying Bannon “screamed at me and stormed out of the house.”

Later Picard wrote that she wanted to restrict Bannon’s visits “as he became verbally abusive to her in front of the girls she saying I do not feel safe meeting with him.”

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  • sweepsailor says:

    More of the ultra liberal in the tank press digging up EVERYTHING to try and destory Trump. This event happened over 20 years ago! Why is it relative now? Oh ya, Trump is a conservative and needs to be destoryed at all costs, no matter if any of it is true, or has any bearing about today!

  • Fact or Fiction says:

    Is any of this fact or just alleged? As we all know, it is far too common during divorce and custody for wild allegations to be made about the other spouse.

    How about some stories about Hillary and the corruption, coverups, and refusal to release full medical records. There are lost of documented facts for those stories.

  • Fact or Fiction says:

    As I mentioned divorce and custody cases are known for wild allegations. It is not uncommon for spouses to lie to police so the allegations go into the report. It’s not uncommon for spouses lie in their divorce and custody filings.

    Your article says all this took place twenty years ago. It’s one thing to report something alleged if it just breaking; however, twenty years later if you have nothing more to report then there probably isn’t a story here.

    Where there criminal charges filed against him? Did he cut a deal to avoid charges and stay out of court and jail.

    Her allegation may be true; however, your article is not much more than she-said-he-said.

    Any negative on Hillary or Huma?