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ABCUSD Board Member Lynda Johnson Confronts Fellow Board Member in Parking Lot After Meeting

ABCUSD Board Member Lynda Johnson

ABCUSD Board Member Lynda Johnson.

By Brian Hews

Area residents have contacted Hews Media Group-Community News concerned about the improper behavior of ABCUSD Board Member Lynda Johnson after the controversial July 19 meeting where Johnson singled out ABCFT Union member Gavin Riley on a technicality and attempted to exclude the 50-year ABC employee from a seat on the ABC Finance and Audit Committee.

The conduct, according to one observer, should lead to ABC Board Censure or a Vote of No Confidence in Johnson.

The two residents, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, told HMG-CN that they were in the ABCUSD parking lot after the July 19 meeting and overheard an argument between Johnson and ABC Vice President Christopher Apodaca.

“I heard some yelling and realized it was Lynda Johnson, she was yelling at [ABC Vice President] Chris Apodaca.

“Lynda did not seem to care if anyone heard, and some very inappropriate words were said. I heard a couple f*** words from her directed at Apodaca and she then said the union was crooked and that Apodaca was a union puppet.”

The resident then said Apodaca “tried to walk away” but Johnson “kept after him, until he got to his car.”

The argument likely stemmed from the chaotic board meeting where Johnson held up procedure for over twenty minutes trying to remove Gavin Riley from the list of committee appointees.

The controversy began when VP Apodaca nominated Hugo Enciso as his representative to the ABCUSD Facilities Committee.

After Apodaca spoke, Johnson suddenly inquired about the appointment of Riley to the ABC Finance and Audit Committee based on his “employment status” with the ABC, and how it “deviated from Board bylaws.

It was that move that threw the Board meeting into complete disarray.

Twice Johnson attempted to stop public comment on the issue; twice she was rebuked by Board President Olympia Chen.

Chen told Johnson, “You have made an amendment to an agenda item, this allows for public comment.”

Johnson was subsequently slammed by ABCFT Union representative Richard Hathaway who said, “You should know if you amend an agenda item, that allows for public comment.”

Speaking on the subject of Gavin Riley, Hathaway said, “This is disgusting. Board member Johnson has also attempted to have me thrown off the Facilities Committee. Riley has been on Finance and Audit Committee for years, he was a teacher for 38 years, long-time community member and volunteer, you question Gavin [Riley] you question the ABCFT.

Hathaway spoke again later in the meeting, “I have never seen an appointee get refused in the 39 years I have been here. Hopefully the board will approve the list of appointees. Johnson has done a disservice to appointees. She pulls someone off the list and names him in public without talking to anybody? This is how it works, you are allowed to appoint from your area. Your [Johnson’s] actions set a dangerous precedent, it’s insulting… I am insulted. Your petty vendetta’s need to stop.”

After all the chaos and administrative maneuvers, the Board voted to approve Enciso’s appointment, with Johnson voting yes along with the six other Board Members.

Apodaca then spoke about “what it is like to be a board member”, which likely sparked the obscenity-laced tirade of Johnson towards Apodaca in the parking lot.

Apodaca said, “Our next meeting is September, between now and then we can straighten this out without having to strain the relations between the labor group and ABCUSD. Having to drag someone through mud, it is disrespectful and lacks class.”

This is not the first time Johnson has angered the Board with her unprincipled actions.

On July 14, 2014, HMG-CN reported that Johnson met in secret with then-Cerritos Mayor Pro-Tem Carol Chen to begin mapping out a strategy that would derail the $235 million dollar General Improvement Bond for the ABC School District.

Sources told HMG-CN that Johnson, who up to that point was a lifelong Democrat, “all of a sudden became a Republican to become friends with the controversial Chen just to further her political career.”

In an email Chen said, “Given the facts I know of current(ly), if the bond passes it will impact/increase your property tax bill hundreds of dollars annually. ABCUSD School Board members Lynda Johnson and Soo Yoo both have reached out to me to get this information out to the public and they [Johnson and Yoo] want to share their viewpoints with residents.”

The statement that “your tax bill will increase hundreds of dollars” was a complete lie. Johnson knew that at the time, but did nothing. She went on to support Chen and the lies perpetrated by her allies.

HMG-CN asked to attend the meeting but was denied.

Several other residents of Cerritos wanted to attend the meeting but were turned away including former California Assemblywoman Sally Havice.

Six months later the ABCUSD Board snubbed Johnson and elected Maynard Law as President of the Board.

Johnson was nominated for President but lost on a 3-4 vote with Law, Board Members Olympia Chen, Armin Reyes, and Celia Spitzer voting no.

ABC members told HMG-CN that Johnson’s opposition to Measure AA and her alignment with Cerritos’ Carol Chen, who also opposed Measure AA, severely hurt her chance to be President of the Board.

Now sources have told HMG-CN that Johnson is trying to payback Chen, asking Chen to step down as President and has “officially asked” ABC Board Members to hold a hearing to remove Chen.

“She’s been very public in telling people that Olympia is senile and suffers from Alzheimer’s, and she is trying to remove her,” said the high-level source.

“It is really sad, Johnson has become a menace to the Board. Ever since her re-election, she has been very combative as a Board Member. Her latest actions are just the tip of the iceberg. Working with Carol Chen to defeat the Bond, this latest stunt of trying to remove Gavin Riley, the altercation in the parking lot, and now attempting to remove President Chen, who knows what will come next.”

HMG-CN is waiting a response from an email sent to Johnson for comment, she did not respond at time of cyber publication, but later did respond. She has been given the opportunity to comment for HMG-CN’s print publication publishing tonight.


  • ABC says:

    This story may very well be true or false. Said story is just second hand news, it’s hard to say what transpired, especially since it was late hour in the parking lot. That old saying lot of any story can be twisted at that hour of the night, and especially after long battle between trustees/ unions.

    Will say that VP -Chris’s demeanor was not exactly lovable & non- professional, especially for a person that talented and holding that many jobs in his life per Linkedin profile. Many women who were watching felt very discriminated against by Chris’s comments towards Lynda, as he not only blasted Lynda but it was very sexiest & poss. walked ground of being anti females or homo tenancies from Long Beach.

    Chris made me sick to my stomach, he was not representing the lovable latinos in HG district, but more to the orthodox in Long Beach Park Estates- Jewish community

    Lynda did what she thought was correct, bylaws are bylaws, and they must be obeyed, and the Robert’s Rules of law, are very difficult to understand and needs to have an attorney present and not the superintendent trying to wave peace flag. Dr. Mary reminded me of a teen at Woodstock rally, even wore the same warddrobe.

    I was also very taken back it at Chris’s appointee, it seems like Chris is a racist also, he was very much into me me me me, and wanted urgently to appoint his Latino committee member.

    Do not agree with what Chris said on this tape, ( please review) he wished that the trustees had talked about the bylaws prior to the meeting which is against the Brown Act, and it’s never good to talk about a meeting beforehand, it is not being truly transparent to the public.

    ABCUSD Board meetings can be found online on the district website. Here is the link to the July 19th meeting:


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  • Mello Roos School Bond says:

    Remember the residents of ABC School District are already paying for 3 Mello Roos School Bonds: 2 for the ABC School District and one for Cerritos Junior College, and now they wanted a new additional Mello-Roos school bond for $230M, which was reduced to $190M by trustee nurse Tse.

    The school district needs to live within its means, first get their original bonds paid for and then see what the financial climate is like in a district. Real estate is not a good investment right now prices are going down, properties are taking longer to sell. Even the new apartments in the district, over 80% are vacant.

    Auto sales have reduced by 30% and 2 shopping centers, tax income is almost flat.

    We are very slowly pulling out of the great recession of 2005-2010.

  • Brian Harms says:

    Just because Boardmember Johnson didn’t consult with the ABCFT does not make her actions unprincipled. It’s time for new community members to sit on these committees. Persons without special interests. (ABCFT). The only interest should be the students!

    To interject partisan politics into this discussion is ludicrous. But if you must, then let’s do it properly. You are correct when you indicate that most Democrats will side with the Union every time regardless of the effects on the students or taxpayers. Republicans will look at the impact of how the money is being spent, the priorities and effect to the taxpayers.

    Maybe the district is finally tired of the union electing their slate of candidates only to prophesize the needs of the union members first then the students and maybe the taxpayers.

    Maybe it’s actually time to publish the entire teacher contract for all to read and expose the actual salaries and benefits we are paying while asking for donations of Kleenex for the classrooms. Just saying!!!!!!

    • Ray Gaer says:

      Are you saying the school district and its students have not been successful or outstanding since ABCFT has been more involved in school board elections? ABC is one of the best districts in the country and has the top high school in California, is that not success. Board members understand that the needs ABC of students and parents are paramount. A good school district cannot operate with a Walmart mentality. To get quality employees you need to offer adequate compensation and ABC is average when compared to other school districts. The teacher contract is not a secret agreeement, You can find it here: http://www.abcusd.k12.ca.us/files/_IPFy7_/30280990ef50f1f93745a49013852ec4/ABCFT_Contract_2014-17_-_FINAL.pdf