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VIDEO: Watch Cerritos Councilwomen Carol Chen and Mayor pro tem Solanki Move to Close Cerritos Sheriff’s Station at Council Meeting

The video is set to start automatically, if it does not, use cursor to press play button. The video starts at 27:40.


At beginning of video it is very clear Councilwoman Chen wants to close the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station.

Chen asks what are the “out causes” of closing the station.

Gallucci is very surprised the station was brought up.

Solanki then chimes in that we are over budget and need to cut. If everything stayed the same we would “be bankrupt in 10 years.”

Later Gallucci admonishes Chen and Solanki for bringing the matter up now before staff, who was directed to study cuts, presents their findings.

The 4.5 million Solanki is talking about (at 7:45) is the Community Safety Division and asks “what is the cost to convert the station.”

Mayor Ray then reminds Chen and Solanki that this was not agendized and should have not have been talked about.

Pulido said it is a non-starter to cut the sheriff’s and blasts Chen and Solanki for campaigning on safety then proposing to close the station.

After Pulido, Edwards slams Chen and Solanki for proposing the cuts.

Later an angry Chen attempts to hold up budget approval using the Sheriff’s station and other cuts as leverage.

Council votes 3-2 with Chen and Solanki voting no.






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Whoever voted for these jerks ?

Litttle India / Artesia

Naresh Solanki Mayor Pro Tem You are here only for a political place card for the India’s Race. What a disgrace to your race. You would not even be able to graduate from politics 101. Laura Lee and Joseph Cho were dumb, but without doubt, you are the dumbest councilperson in Cerritos History. Hope you are not voted in the 2nd term, so you will be not be eligible for lifetime medical insurance. Please, please CCC, do not elect him to be seated as Mayor, is he dumb and not worthy of the title nor position. This India dude never… Read more »

Growing Red Ink Budget

Mayor Ray, Chen and Solanki: Your article, like most letters is being written by staff, all staff letters create sun shine reports. Sheriff kissing butt stories are misleading and false; residents are tired of candy coated Cocaine stores out of city hall. Im not least bit amused. …..NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH AND VOP Below standards in participation, most hoods are not involved because of language barriers, plus VOP personnel cancels all personal insurances such as Medical and Life Ins. Polices. Our neighborhood watch signs are faded and non- legible, because they are over 2 decades old. Face the beat, immigrant property owners… Read more »


Cerritos Sheriffs and Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, is taking allot of the budget.

Cerritos’s financial waste:

Ret. Mayor/Supervisor's Knabe Sheriff

Influenced many of 50,000 residents was the dam museum, and getting these damn moving violations, which are nothing but a pain in the ass. Public says no to sale tax increase and ship cops back to Lakewood. Ret. Mayor Grace Hu wants Chinese Police Department,…….No-No-No- No! For more then 2 decades, 90703 has been promised central computerized alarm station for all 15,000 homes at no expense. Nothing. Broken promises by : Grace Hu, Jo Cho, Laura Lee. Going to court for Moving ticket: 1. Increase in Insurance premium 2. Going to driving school, 3. Horrid fines and penalties; 4. Plus… Read more »

Sherrfif Robats

What mess of robotic union members. No personality demonstrated in any of these social media articles. How many employees did does it take to put up this facebook page? Bet the sheriffs are doing this on our dollar and not freebie after hours.


CCC | Thurs 8/25/2016 | Public Invited on city BK and removal of sheriff et al. November 2016, city needs to file for election in March 2017, for tax increases, etc. My emails I received, 75% say no to sale tax, increase; because the city is wastefull in spending money on museum. Most say, stop the sheriff and contract sheriffs out of Lakewood, as our service has not been very good since the conception of the sheriff station. Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts and all of the retirement packages to death clause, is causing the city to lean towards… Read more »