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VIDEO: Watch Cerritos Councilwomen Carol Chen and Mayor pro tem Solanki Move to Close Cerritos Sheriff’s Station at Council Meeting

The video is set to start automatically, if it does not, use cursor to press play button. The video starts at 27:40.


At beginning of video it is very clear Councilwoman Chen wants to close the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station.

Chen asks what are the “out causes” of closing the station.

Gallucci is very surprised the station was brought up.

Solanki then chimes in that we are over budget and need to cut. If everything stayed the same we would “be bankrupt in 10 years.”

Later Gallucci admonishes Chen and Solanki for bringing the matter up now before staff, who was directed to study cuts, presents their findings.

The 4.5 million Solanki is talking about (at 7:45) is the Community Safety Division and asks “what is the cost to convert the station.”

Mayor Ray then reminds Chen and Solanki that this was not agendized and should have not have been talked about.

Pulido said it is a non-starter to cut the sheriff’s and blasts Chen and Solanki for campaigning on safety then proposing to close the station.

After Pulido, Edwards slams Chen and Solanki for proposing the cuts.

Later an angry Chen attempts to hold up budget approval using the Sheriff’s station and other cuts as leverage.

Council votes 3-2 with Chen and Solanki voting no.




  • Cerritos says:

    CCC | Thurs 8/25/2016 | Public Invited on city BK and removal of sheriff et al.

    November 2016, city needs to file for election in March 2017, for tax increases, etc.

    My emails I received, 75% say no to sale tax, increase; because the city is wastefull in spending money on museum.

    Most say, stop the sheriff and contract sheriffs out of Lakewood, as our service has not been very good since the conception of the sheriff station.

    Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts and all of the retirement packages to death clause, is causing the city to lean towards BK. Additionally, we lost sales from these store, as they have closed:

    Fedco-Gemco- Robinsons- May Co- Levitz-JC Pennies- Mervyns- , Oldsmobile- Pontiac-Mercury-Saturn plus RDA

    Grocery Stores lost:
    Alpha Beta
    Thrifty Drug

    Cerritos 1956-2016





  • Influenced many of 50,000 residents was the dam museum, and getting these damn moving violations, which are nothing but a pain in the ass. Public says no to sale tax increase and ship cops back to Lakewood.

    Ret. Mayor Grace Hu wants Chinese Police Department,…….No-No-No- No!

    For more then 2 decades, 90703 has been promised central computerized alarm station for all 15,000 homes at no expense. Nothing. Broken promises by : Grace Hu, Jo Cho, Laura Lee.

    Going to court for Moving ticket:
    1. Increase in Insurance premium
    2. Going to driving school,
    3. Horrid fines and penalties;
    4. Plus playing all the add-on taxes and collection fees for the ticket. That really has pissed off the city, city says no more, they’d rather see crime increase . Don’t blame them, traffic tickets are getting out of control.

    No comment about CHP out of control compared to the local police department and Sheriff’s, and a lot of people are really super pissed off that the sheriff are involved with policing the 3 Cer malls.

    Breaking Point with this past week, the Planning Commission decided to do away with tandem garages, many Warmington homes have tandem garage, and some of the Shadow Park Homes have tandem garages, and the Planning Commission and the planning department didn’t even know that Shad Park had tandem garages.

    City didn’t even look at having a 4 car garage, there’s many homes in 90703, have dual two car garages either side by side or one in the backyard and one in the front yard.

    City says nothing about these ugly mega mansions, but has been on witch hunt for garages, RV and parking for 4 decades.

    Pray Plan Comm aborted and taken over by LA County, who cares less about garages and RV.

    LA County Supervisor Don Knabe has left office with bad taste to residents, w/Sheriffs , his spending on Chauffer and Lux SUV, all at expense of the tax payers. Why does Knabe get more SD patrol on his street, compared to rest of city. Why do we need so many captains and sub captains, plus the $.5 Community Safety for over night parking permits?

  • CCPA says:

    Cerritos Sheriffs and Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, is taking allot of the budget.

    Cerritos’s financial waste: https://www.facebook.com/CerritosLosesMoney

  • Mayor Ray, Chen and Solanki:

    Your article, like most letters is being written by staff, all staff letters create sun shine reports. Sheriff kissing butt stories are misleading and false; residents are tired of candy coated Cocaine stores out of city hall. Im not least bit amused.

    Below standards in participation, most hoods are not involved because of language barriers, plus VOP personnel cancels all personal insurances such as Medical and Life Ins. Polices. Our neighborhood watch signs are faded and non- legible, because they are over 2 decades old. Face the beat, immigrant property owners will not forward numbers or email contacts.

    Processed not by Sheriffs, but by 3rd party. Detectives are flop over from the Sheriff Station closure in the Los Cerritos Mall, as mall is too cheap to finance and except residents to pay for their crimes occurring on private property.

    Costing residents over $.5M to operate. City lies, says it keeps crime down, but we have no data on street crimes, since this was voted in during the 60’s and never has gone to public vote, city knows it will fail. LA County allows parallel driveway apron parking to get cars off the street and protect parked cars in driveway from being stolen. Why does Cerritos not allow for apron staging to prevent theft and reduce the need for permit parking? Own sheriffs said if the streets were better illuminated, they would be huge reducation in night car thefts, as the street are dark from over grown trees and the immigrant property owners are too cheap to illuminate their properties.

    No big deal, the 3 captains ea. earn $300K Yr, plus the cars, jail and administration staff, constitutes almost 50% of the $14M. Then tell the residents the low number of patrol cars at night, is aprox 75% less then the units during day hrs, because day shift is mop lady for all the motor vehicle accidents and the BW cars cruising thru mall parking lots, checking expired DMV Plates. Then tell the public all of the hrs the BW are not on streets, as hiding behind buildings writing reports and talking on priv cell conversations. Why do we need to spend another .$5M on sheriff gym and jail yrly?. Story fails to mention, BW cars are being dispatched to all HS in ABC during operation of educators and the Regional Park has a BW car dispatched their daily. Story fails to report the $300K Sheriff RV Bus is sitting idle and not being used. In addition, some of the motorcycle cop tab is subsidized by the tax payers, over and beyond the $14M.


    Register for vacation check, VOP only comes out once and not daily.
    When residents first register, the VOP follows with one vacation check, what waste of money and trust.

    For decades, many candidates running for office promise we would have a centralized computerized burglar alarm system to all 15,000 homes, at no expense to owners. This would be more effective in combating crime it would be very inexpensive way to patrol all the neighborhoods. This has never happened. We were to be notified of all burglaries, etc via text, but watch captain said it would spook the protective Chinese elements in the community.


    Why does Blairwood need patrol hrly, when no other streets are patrolled that heavily.

    Why are we paying $250,000 yr for patrol, when we have access to (2) free helicopter under Fire and Sheriff contract?

    $25m Baptismal judgement, Cerritos had to pay, and the guilty cops are still on patrol.
    $6M Wrestler judgement at Regional Park, Cerritos Had to Payout.
    TBD: Sheriff murder on Artesia Blvd.

    Residents are tired of getting these NANNY moving violation tickets, resulting in fines, assessments, processing fees, court costs, insurance increases and traffic school cost. This is not Communism, this is Cerritos. Government should work for the people, not against.


    Most residents purchased in to the city, because it was a beautiful master plan. Look at the master plan today it has been Altered/ botched. City is no longer beautiful the city is not maintained, plus growing more filth and weeds yrly. Don’t blame the recession this has been ongoing process for many decades. We did not purchase here for all these baby sitting classes at the swim stadium, Senior Citizen Center, PnR. If the sheriff still do not want to operate at a cost effective, terminate the policy.

    We also need to think more frugal. Dissolve the planning department, and turn the planning department over into Los Angeles County Corps of Engineers and planners . Dissolve the Park and Recreation. All of the Administration staff should be terminated and hire out to outside contract labor via labor cool. Stop the insurance benefit packages for life . No other Private Industry has life insurance benefits for life. Stop the bleeding of the retirement packages prior to 25 years.

  • illusionary says:

    Whoever voted for these jerks ?

    • Naresh Solanki
      Mayor Pro Tem

      You are here only for a political place card for the India’s Race. What a disgrace to your race. You would not even be able to graduate from politics 101. Laura Lee and Joseph Cho were dumb, but without doubt, you are the dumbest councilperson in Cerritos History. Hope you are not voted in the 2nd term, so you will be not be eligible for lifetime medical insurance.

      Please, please CCC, do not elect him to be seated as Mayor, is he dumb and not worthy of the title nor position.

      This India dude never speaks and looks like a slimy snake skin salesmen, would not trust him on a date with my grand-kids.

      He knows nothing about the Republican Politics, nor knows anything about the USA geography and political landscape climate.