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Cerritos Regional Chamber and City Officials Open Aria Apartment Homes



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The City of Cerritos and the Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce joined with VIPs’ of the Picerne Group on Thursday to officially open the Aria Apartment Homes. Photo Tammye McDuff.

  • No Aparmentes says:

    With over 11,000 applications, only 30 Units out of 200 have been leased. Grand Opening 7/1, traffic is horrendous. They are dog friendly, wont that be a mess for the Cerritos Town Center and CCPerfoming Arts, 200 new pets pooping on the grounds.

    I visited the units, they are nice, not senior friendly, too large complex and too much walking. Entire complex is covered in Friable Freeway Soot, as sitting adj to 91 freeway.

    Cerritos is not a work force housing area, to equate to these type of prices they are asking. There are cheaper rental on Craigslist, Recycler, etc. If there is a fire, the complex will be destroyed, constructed of stick up timber and no concrete floors or steel beams, found in most hi rises of this caliber.

    Views are not best, compared to many hi rises. Even the views in the 4-5 story parking hi rise in TC/CCPA complex, are better compared to this hi rise. Beware, said parking structure is home to suicide, which is part of the slide show presentation found in the following You tube.

    Night lighting is fare, not the best for security nor for seniors seniors, as potential for slip fall accidents. I witnessed no solar engineering and the salesman knew of nothing. Public art sculpture is okay, not award winning though.

    Traffic at this intersection is gridlocked. Many times, have to wait multiple times to cross intersection. It would help pedestrian flow, if the intersection had X crossing, like used in WLA and Canada, so pedestrians can cross the intersections at 45 degree angles.

    From day one I said no to development of apartments, and still say no, this is only strip zoning and will forevermore create disastrous traffic delays to TC, espec during peak performances at CCPA.

    LCCN: Question, ” (RET. ) Grace Hu is part of the principles of this new complex, and she is running for 980703 mayor for March 2017 open seat, advertising she promotes Cerritos own police department and vacating Sheriffs.”. LCCN please interview Grace Hu, broker for ReMax Cerritos.

    Cerritos 1956-2016