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Lynwood City Councilwoman Pulls Papers to Run Against Central Basin Municipal Water Director Leticia Vasquez

City of Lynwood Councilwoman Maria T. Santillan-Beas today at the County Registrar-Recorder's Office pulled papers to run for a seat on the Central Basin Municipal Water District's Board of Directors.

City of Lynwood Councilwoman Maria T. Santillan-Beas today at the County Registrar-Recorder’s Office pulled papers to run for a seat on the Central Basin Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors.

Staff Report

NORWALK—Today, Maria T. Santillan-Beas, the first Latina to be elected to the Lynwood City Council by voters back in 2003, pulled papers at the County Registrar-Recorder’s Office to start campaigning for the Disctrict 4 seat in the upcoming 2016 Board of Directors Election for the Central Basin Municipal Water District.

The seat is currently held by Lectica Vasquez, who’s tenure has been marked by major controversy.

The Central Basin Municipal Water District is managed by a five-member Board of Directors. The terms of three of the current Board of Directors expire in December. Santillan-Beas is vying for the seat, which serves the cities of Lynwood, South Gate, Florence-Graham, Willowbrook and portions of Compton and Carson.

Santillan-Beas was first elected to the Lynwood City Council in a 2003 Special Election. She then campaigned and was the highest vote-getter in the official 2005 municipal election. Since then, Santillan-Beas was re-elected by voters in the following two elections. Santillan-Beas, the mother of two daughters and one son, is now serving her last four-year-term on the Lynwood City Council. Her term expires in November 2017.

“It has been an honor to serve the City of Lynwood these last 13 years, unfortunately, my time as a member of the City Council has come to an end,” said Santillan-Beas. “Fortunately, there are other ways in which I can continue serving my community and other communities nearby. After careful consideration, and a lot of community support, I have decided to run for the Central Basin Municipal Water District. My term limit on the Lynwood City Council is up, but it doesn’t mean that my commitment to my community has ended too. My constituents in Lynwood know that I love serving the community and if elected to the CBMWD’s Board of Directors for District 4, voters in the communities served by the Central Basin Municipal Water District will get to know me and my commitment to the people.”


  • LV's Baboon says:

    GREAT NEWS! After four years of our stomachs being sickened by the sight of Leticia “Really a Man” Vasquez, it’s about time someone with credibility like Maria Santillan has stepped up.

    I’m all in for Maria. She’s someone who has proven herself in Lynwood while Leticia Vasquez was being recalled in that City back in 2007. Maria called Leticia out for being the scumbag she was then and will do it again.

    Thanks Brian for being the advocate for common sense!

  • Lynwood Leadership says:

    The City Council of Lynwood recently received a certified letter from Leticia Vasquez on Central Basin letterhead placing the council on “notice” to stop circulating texts, emails and/or newspaper stories that depict her in a bad light. First question, would there be any other light that depicts this corrupt loser and abuser?

    We ran this crooked beast out of Lynwood for a being a despicable human being and nearly destroying our beloved City of Lynwood. We recalled her and booted her bloated corpse to the other side of city limits all the way to her senior citizen boyfriend Ron Wilson’s doorstep where he probably thought she was the maid coming to clean his slimy toilet.

    It was the greatest mistake ever made by the good people of Lynwood to not stop her election to Central Basin four years ago but NEVER AGAIN!

    Maria Santillan will do what she did before to Leticia Vasquez. She’ll show that gutter tramp once again that Lynwood will NEVER allow her to represent us again. NEVER! We can’t speak for the rests of the sorry city’s that Vasquez now represents, but I pray and pray the word gets out.

    The City Council of Lynwood needs to mail something to every resident alerting the them of the “threats” Vasquez and her ambulance chaser boyfriend are making towards our elected officials. Tijuana Leticia needs to open her eyes and smell the cerveza! A scumbag is a scumbag is Leticia Vasquez and we throw out the garbage in Lynwood!

  • Sylvia Ortiz says:

    Does Leticia Vasquez even live in Lynwood? She moved out of her brothers place on Walnut years ago and was living with her parents in Lakewood until finally moving in with her boyfriend Ron Wilson at 3622 Northland which is not in her District. Does the District Attorney know about this? I wouldn’t support her anyways but I think others should know about this.