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Did Melania Trump Torpedo Donald Trump on Purpose?


Courtesy USMagazine.

Courtesy USMagazine.


By Brian Hews

The English have a saying when something is really “nice.”

They say Brilliant!

All the news outlets are debating Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech and blasted the “speechwriters” of the Trump campaign.

Melania told NBC’s Matt Lauer that “she wrote the speech herself.”

Melania only mentioned her husband a few times and was criticized for not bringing up the “finer points” of her relationship with Trump.

But what if Melania did it on purpose?

Melania torpedoing the “greatest salesman on earth?” Melania covertly telling her bombastic, racist husband “YOUR FIRED.”

Only if she had an iron clad pre-nup agreement….or maybe that would not matter?

Think about it, no mention of her relationship with the Donald or how they met.

The campaign is hurting the Trump brand, her Trump children are getting hurt by the campaign.

Translation…. she is acting like a mom, and did this on purpose, to torpedo The Trump, and instantly become a worldwide celebrity and grab half of Trumps’s fortune.





  • Chattel Property says:

    Trump wife acted like a Playboy bunny on stage, most females in the country, found her repulsive and sexual bait.

    Then when she says vote for her husband, he can make America better; I just wanted to throw up.

    After listing g to the governor of New York City, trash Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton was the senator for New York State, and for many years he said she did a fine job. He really had potty mouth & was sickening to listen to his rampages about Mrs. Clinton, which is the Ret. First Lady of our country plus Ret. Senator for NY,

  • Politically Correct says:

    I don’t get it. Hillary Clinton has caused American’s to die and responded “what difference does it make,” taken money from foreign governments, held her enemy’s IRS tax documents in the White House’s personal residence, humiliated women abused by her husband, the list goes on-and-on yet, your election related story is about Melania Trump’s speech.