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Two Officers Shot Dead In Baton Rouge

Several media outlets are reporting that two officers have been shot in Baton Rouge. HMG-CN will update when available.

The Advocate reports that two Baton Rouge police officers have been killed after shots were fired near police headquarters Sunday morning, according to William Daniel, the city’s chief administrative officer.
The officers were shot early Sunday – and – as of 9:30 a.m. a manhunt was on for the suspect or suspects.

An active shooter situation was described in the area and Airline Highway was closed in both directions between Goodwood Boulevard and I-12.

  • Riots says:

    Watts Riots, Los Angeles, Aug 1965.

    51 Yrs of protest, part of social evolution. Murder is never good, but the injustice the black culture endures is not correct.

    Look in Cerritos history, only one black councilperson in 60 yrs and only 3 black commissioners. Not best track record, when some of the property owners in Cerritos are black. Not everyone is yellow or white in 90703. Only 1 black woman to ABC Trustees.

    ABC USD, black are very seldom tested for entrance to Whitney HS. Just interviewed black student at Target, stated how unfair she was treated at ABC, so finally left the school district.

    Check out the Cerritos Senior Center, no blacks, as the Asians have chased out the black retirees, which have made Cerritos there home for the past 60 yrs. Cerritos has almost zero black employees.

    Mayor Ray has black son in law.

    Please visit the archived CCC meetings, over 100 videos, you can count on one hand, the times the council has used the words: Black, Negroes, African Americans, etc. Council never mentions anything about blacks or Europeans.

    Cerritos MLK celebration, lowest group turnout of the year.

    ————————Cerritos 1956-2016——————————-