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New Principal Appointments in ABC Unified School District

Elliott ES Principal, Fran Barron

Elliott ES Principal, Fran Barron

Whitney HS, John Briquelet

Whitney HS, John Briquelet

Dr. Mary Sieu, Superintendent of ABC Unified School District is pleased to announce the following new principal appointments and assignments beginning in the 2016-17 school year:


John Briquelet-Whitney High School

John Briquelet has been chosen as the Principal of Whitney High School in Cerritos. Mr. Briquelet has been a site administrator for the past 14 years. He served as a principal at both Loara High School in Anaheim Union High School District and El Modena High School in Orange Unified. Mr. Briquelet will ensure the continued success of all students and staff at the #1 high school in California.


Crechena Wise-Gahr High School

Crechena Wise has been selected as the Principal of Gahr High School in Cerritos. Ms. Wise has been an administrator in ABC for the past 10 years. She has served as the Principal of Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy as well as the assistant principal at Ross Academy. Ms. Wise looks forward to building teams of educational leaders and maximizing student achievement at Gahr. Ms. Wise is currently a doctoral candidate at USC.


Frances Delaney-Brown-Elliott Elementary School

Frances Delaney-Brown is the new Principal at Elliott Elementary School in the City of Artesia. For the past 13 years, she has taken on leadership roles at the elementary school level. Most recently, Ms. Delaney-Brown has filled in as Interim Principal at Elliott and Niemes Elementary Schools. Her goal is to support students, teachers, and staff and to create an environment in which all students achieve.


Alejandro Gutierrez-Furgeson Elementary School

Alejandro Gutierrez will serve as the new Principal at Furgeson Elementary School in Hawaiian Gardens. Mr. Gutierrez has had a ten-year career in administration in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He served as an Assistant Principal, Instructional Specialist, and Coordinator at various elementary schools in LAUSD. Mr. Gutierrez endeavors to work with the Furgeson stakeholders to provide a rich learning environment for all students.


Principals with New Assignments

Principals with new assignments effective this fall include the following:




Kester Song-Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy

Kester Song has been named the Principal of Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy. Mr. Song has served as the Carmenita Middle School Principal for the past 5 years. He was also an assistant principal for 3 years at Artesia High School.


Linda Dohm-Aloha Elementary School

Linda Dohm will be the Principal at Aloha Elementary School in Hawaiian Gardens. She has served the last 8 years as the Principal of Willow Elementary School and prior to that the Principal of Furgeson Elementary School.


Eveline Huh-Willow Elementary School

Eveline Huh will be the Principal of Willow Elementary School in Lakewood. She has dedicated the last 7 years as the Principal of Palms Elementary School.


Mayra Lozano-Hawaiian Elementary School

Mayra Lozano will move to Hawaiian Elementary School in Hawaiian Gardens. Ms. Lozano served as the Principal of Furgeson Elementary School for the past 8 years. Prior to Ms. Lozano’s assignment as Principal she was a teacher at Furgeson for 10 years.


Julie Yabumoto-Palms Elementary School

Julie Yabumoto will be the Principal of Palms Elementary School in Lakewood. Ms. Yabumoto served as Principal of Aloha Elementary School for 10 years.















  • Scott Collins says:

    They need to consider replacing Principal Ricardo Brown at Ross Middle School. I have had one interaction with him and I have never been so insulted. If there was a principal that is full of himself it is him. My son is scheduled to attend Ross in the fall and my wife and I are considering sending him to a Catholic school.

    Beware of Ricardo Brown.

    • Teachers teamster. says:

      Many principles sleep their way to the top job training positions. It’s true in all school districts not just ABC.

      Also principles should have very short-term; they bring too many battles to their position .

      Leal Elementary had a bitch hired out of Long Beach.

      Dr degree go to their head, plus many asian /chinese peronnel, know nothing about state of calif nor traveled USA. One former ABC teacher/ FAC, never traveled USA; but retired out of ABC, real chinese air head teacher and commissioner appointed by Barrows.

      Bob Hughlett another teacher teamster, real mess, thank god he has left CJC, campus is so much better with him.

      Many aweome outstanding teachers, but the friable fallout from bad apples is so very strong on the Cerritos Council: Edwards- Pulido-Kappe-Bowlen-Crawley-Joynt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • bruiness says:

        First, racist comments are not appreciated. Accept it, Cerritos ONCE was a Caucasian dominant city in the 70-80s, but it definitely is not anymore. It’s diverse. It’s where I’m proud to have moved BACK to, and I’m happy my kids will be raised there, just as I was. And to be a little racist, Asians make the district as great as it is. The hard work ethic and competitive edge and pressure found in a lot of the schools comes from a non-privileged, non-white mentality. I’d assume you’re not Asian-American based on your racial comments, but based on your grammar, I’m guessing English is not your primary language…. which doesn’t make you that different from that teacher you describe, yes?

        Second, what’s wrong with a teacher never traveling the nation? I didn’t know it was required of a teacher to pack her bags and go on roadtrips. What if she didn’t have the means to do so? What if she works a secondary job during her summers to pay her monthly rent, as opposed to living frivolously driving from yosemite to Mount Rushmore just to say SHE’s experienced it in person, to your kids? Why not take your own damned self there and tell your kids you’ve been there?

        Sure, some teachers are not as experienced as others, and to accuse people of sleeping to the top? my gosh… your comments are so empty with no evidence or thought. I hate your judgement, I hate that I am judging you. People like you are what makes America a scary place to live in.

        • Sub 4 Mid school says:

          TO BRUINESS:

          Inside news. Almost every campus in ABC is losing specialty teachers, they’re transferring to La Unified School District, Irvine USD and or outside County, where there is better pay and better working conditions. Science PHD just left for Seattle. Nada, nada to attract PHD professors to hang their license here forever……Crossing guards are leaving ABC for Long Beach USD. Long Beach has diversity and more wages/perks…….

          The working conditions at ABC is minimal, teachers are tired of fighting with parents over ((A+ /A- /A )) grades, they’re tired of trying to interpret the English language. Let’s face it, a career is about money, and other school districts pay a lot more money with a lot less aggravation. Irvine USD rolls out red carpet to teachers and educational administrators.

          Sex does play in to it: Cerritos HS principle slept w/ 16 YO and Leal School had teacher who was busted for drugs, accident and affairs. CJC administrator professor hit another teacher and was arrested.

          Sex is always and will fore-evermore be game changer. Sex & 420 keeps Artesia HS from graduation in hi numbers, compared to other HS.

          Hey talk about rape, Councilperson Joseph Cho raped both CCC and CJC and once Ret. from elected office, left for Coyote Hills.

          Hmmm, why is both President of ABC Teachers Union and district, both reside in Coyotes Hills? Why does Ret. Pres. Smutts who is going blind, live in La Palma?

          Substitute teacher ( X’s & O’s)

        • Sales Manager says:

          The hard work ethic and competitive edge and pressure found in a lot of the schools comes from a non-privileged, non-white mentality.

          REPLY: Suppose the white European, African American black and the latinos have soft work ethics and lack pressure. Just the opposite, Asians have red -lined community, so any other races do not want to purchase in to this community because of ASIANS lack of social skills, filth and lack of care and volunteerism back in to their community. Orig founders of Cerritos, entire family worked hard in farming and manufacturing to build out Cerritos, Cerritos youth have a gold spoon fed to them, as come to USA w/ millions of dollars and can devote time to education, where yesteryears were devoted to balance of jobs and educations.

          Asians can not even support American owned grocery store. Face the drums, asians have different values compared to the Eastern Cultures, but are able to buy their way in to a community, change the vendor markets and only employ own race to run Calif Business. Name one county or city, founded in California by Asia…..Z E R O…

          Re-listen to Obama state of the country speech, stating that asia has none little to sponsor new businesses in to USA and fill jobs with USA employees.

        • ShadowParkSeretary says:

          ……….B R U I N E S S

          You are referencing the word DIVERSITY, your terminology, you expect the world to stop, do a 360 degree turn around and become Diversified & marry and breed every immigrant which passes over your threshold. Original owners in the country are supposed to bend over and become Diversified, just because a new ethic wave takes over a city/ county, even though it’s never been certified for being Asian.

          Why can’t we all remain the same and try to get along, without selling our hearts and souls to the new first generation immigration evolution? Isn’t that what the film The Roots was all about? When when when, will the Asian immigrants wake up and try to reflect off all the various races which create USA?

          Our roots are what they are and we do not need to lower our heritage or change our physical/social make-up, to quantify to diversity standards which you are referencing per your judgement.

          Paragraph originally addresses fallout from diversity, you are quick on the trigger to slam freedom of speech on diversity pallet, to be singled out to being RACIST! Blogging is what it is.

          Wrestler Bruce Barrows and ABC Unions should be ashamed of employing the FAC ASIAN FEMALE, which retired from the system, without any USA traveling, as her teaching skills were far below the EDUCATIONAL INDUSTRY STANDARDS; And knew minute about fine arts in public places. I expect her limited talents to follow a career being a monk or nun, but not hi paying educator with life long benefits.

    • HOA Member says:

      10 Reasons No for ABC.

      #1) – No to Catholic schools, the private schools just don’t have the finances to attract the good educational programs nor the teachers. Catholic schools cannot compete with the public school systems in order to teach the children a wide variety of programs. We are way past Reading- Writing- arithmetic and discipline. Public teachers unions support union member till death, catholic schools do squat.

      #2) ABC School District has lost a couple of my neighbors who were teachers there, transferred to LA Unified School District where they can get more money, plus free loans for additional education.

      #3) The word diversity is like a joker card, can be played all over the table, there’s no real the definition. It is good to point, but also death sentence too. Good/bad word.

      #4) I do agree, Chinese students have injured the education system in ABC, many other school districts, temporary import business people from the trades, to digest educational thoughts to the children in order to motivate.

      #5) ABC pacifies the parents, and also too much money being wasted on Advanced education at Whitney and Leal, creating a huge vacuum hole in the middle class for the students compared to other school districts.

      #6) Also side bar to this story, district has lost a lot of teachers to suicide. Know the teachers enjoy the superintendent of ABC she is to Asian and too much for the Asian parents. We have to overcome the Asian element in the city, and we need to start importing those teachers and students outside the district, so they can learn about outside cultures besides Asian cultures. Ret. Union Pres. Mr. Gavin Rilly was not loved by all union members and was a poor union performer.

      #7) I am so sick of the trustees looking towards China, they are spending too much extra money running back and forth to China, trying to learn their culture, and they can not even learn about the United States. So many of the teachers don’t even know about the other 50 states in the United States.

      #8) Gay –Lesbian parents and students in ABC, have no support from administration nor students and Asian parents, so students drop out and transfer to Long Beach USD. ABC has lost many student to surrounding districts, using the one time pass. My black neighbor, transferred his 2 children to Los Alamitos USD, his kids were accepted there and experience many poor leaning issues with ABC non-friendly environment.

      #9) My neighbor just left ABC as teacher for Long Beach, she hated ABC and the administration was below industry standards.

      #10) Many of the ABC teachers who are parents with students, choose to educate their children in Irvine USD, district spends more money on their education, compared to ABC.

    • Scott Collins says:

      My comments were in no way meant to be racist. Since my post Mr. Brown has agreed to let my son transfer to Carmenita Middle School. Again, I do not condone racist comments and expressing an issue I had with Mr. Brown in the way he communicates.

  • Roosmoor says:

    Cerritos and the ABC is not a diverse culture.

    Community is primarily an Asian culture, because of Asians are so Frugal, they have brainwashed kids into trying to graduate from Whitney High School, as Whitney High School is one of the few high schools in the ABC School District which has a fair amount of students accepted into four years universities. Cerritos High School, Ghar High School, Artesia High School along with Tracy HS , have some of the lowest data for being accepted into four-year universities. Many students either checked out & or transfered to other districts, as they hate Whitney Nerds and want fair chance to being accepted in to University.

    Check some of the other high schools surrounding ABC Unified School District high schools, reflects a higher percentage senior students who get into into the universities.

    When was the last time, CCC ever spoke about Tracey HS, maybe once a decade?

    My family has history of being educators and knows what it’s like to sleep their way to the top, it’s very common: Newbies all the way to the top of administration. Straight and gay teachers, both sleep around, look at the hi number of abortions in the ABCUSD Teachers unions and check out their health cards, hi ratios of VD,

    Believe me, if we did not have Whitney High School, we would have a more equal diversity attendance to the ABC Unified School District.

    It’s too bad at the heartland of America does not want to be associated with ABC School District, they would rather go to Los Alamitos School District, Downey Unified School District or other such as Long Beach School District.

    Question: What does the ABC School District do for the Jewish community, blond wana-be models, for the gay and lesbian parents & children, sports minded fields, as other schools do plenty, ABC does nothing. OMG Sports: 0/skiing; 0/surfing; 0/auto shop; O/Horticulture-farming; 0/ 4H Club and so on.

    Now lets talk divorce rate, ABC grads covering the first decade post graduation, have some of the highest divorce rates in all of North OC, because the Asian have not learned to socialize, dirty parent’s, brain dead to property ownership, etc.

    Gardena fell to Asians, asians raped the city and all fled to Cerritos. Many Cerritos asians have raped the schools district and housing; now fleeing to other NOC cities, to rape them too.

    Final comment, teachers who have been employed in the system for 25 yrs, should have least traveled the USA, earned sabbatical; so they can spread the word about the history and roots of the USA. White kids travel USA and abroad, Chinese kids only read and fantasist about world travel, as parents will kill them if they earn anything less (A)…………but parents drive Mercedes and incest is rampid in all Asian immigrant compounds. .

    When was the last time asian parent attended childs sport team or sat in on local PTA and other parent-teacher guilds???? Never! When was the last time Asian Parent walked their child, biked w/ their child or just loved and played with their child?

  • Special Need Principal says:

    My family once lived in Cerritos and used ABC School District for few yrs. Forced to leave, yes the neighborhood changed to Asian, crime followed, plus the neighborhood was filthy. A lot of non-owner-occupied rentals. We had one murder, we left following month.

    ABC School District was not teaching my four children correctly, as I am employed as a teacher in La Unified School District. We moved from Cerritos, to a section of Long Beach , / Seal Beach. That was a great move, the house is older, the neighborhood is far superior to Cerritos, and we also have both worlds, police protection from both Long Beach/Seal beach, both far superior to Cerritos Sheriff. We still have the orig owners living on the street, from far back as 1960’s.

    My 4 children graduated honors from Los Alamitos School District. My kids were not even making a level education in ABC School District. My 4 red haired children, were not accepted by asians students from get-go.

    Been employed as an educator for more 30 years, I have invested in both education and travel, so I can hold the position I am in today, the principal of multiple schools in Los Angeles City. I feel for any teacher in ABC, you not only have to teach Asian students, but try to be class counselors to every Asian parent, as they all want teachers to cheat and lie and hand out grades to their dumb children. Asian parents are out of control!

    ABC and Asian had limited social class for afterschool participation and hobbies. Asian sought after school learning centers till midnight candles were burning; not social functions to make them better: Boy-Girl Scouts, Sports Leagues and 4 H Clubs.

    All educators make teaching a lifelong profession, must further their education and their travel, so they can be top wage earners & give the best education to the students. ABC School District back in the 70s, did not promote females into upper management, that is why I never even started working at ABC School District, it was a dead end Road for women. ABC did not finance sabbaticals, for teachers to apply to. Sabbaticals are must to advance our minds. Union in ABC was weak compared to LAUSD Union!!! Still is today.

    Looking back, glad my 4 children really received a great education from Los Alamitos Schools, as they learned about life from around the world and not only about Asians. Old saying when we lived in Cerritos, ABC was about the letter C, which stood for Chinese.

    I would never live nor teach in an area which was not 100% diversified: Racially, sexual orientation, financially, etc. Looking back over 3 decades of teaching, it is hard to teach any child, when their back ground from home, the parents are not degreed parents, nor speak strong english language. Degree parents, which both ma/pa teach their offspring, from birth, are much easier to teach and head towards college.

  • Norwalk Census Keeper says:


    Very lop-sided data at best, how can the students or residents learn and reflect from USA Values, when most of these students are first time immigrants, all hurdled together, like gold fish in pond. Monkey see, Monkey do syndrome. Need to import some new students from outlining areas, to digest some new attitude in to district. Anywhere in the world, when the immigration levels are this acute, social / skilled evolution will not be best effective for fresh parachute immigrants.

    One Race 47,183 96.2
    White 11,341 23.1
    Black or African American 3,388 6.9
    American Indian and Alaska Native 131 0.3
    Asian 30,363 61.9
    Asian Indian 3,771 7.7
    Chinese 7,383 15.1
    Filipino 7,155 14.6
    Japanese 1,533 3.1
    Korean 7,240 14.8
    Vietnamese 1,021 2.1
    Other Asian1 2,260 4.6
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 138 0.3
    Native Hawaiian 35 0.1
    Guamanian or Chamorro 49 0.1
    Samoan 33 0.1
    Other Pacific Islander2
    21 –
    Some other race 1,822 3.7
    Two or more races 1,858 3.8

  • Tract Sprinter says:

    For many years I’ve heard that over 95% of the students attending Whitney High School, come from the city of Cerritos. Why are East Lakewood and Hawaiian Gardens students never testing hi enough to attend Whitney HS? If this true, district needs to get some new teachers and principals in to the southern district.

    Always strikes me as odder then odd photo, when CCC gives out rewards to Valley Christian Schools during CCC public hearings, seems like the recipients are mostly white- blonds and no Indias or Asians.

    City of Bellflower attend Gharr HS, but never hear data if they are accepted in to the Whitney Curriculum.

    LCCN needs invite principals and superintendent to write some Q/A in this paper, to clear the air about the district/trustees. Even with the new district, seems to be vail over lot of non-answered issues.

    Disgrace how the district is maintaining the horticultural fields at Cerritos High School , nothing but dust bowl and weed patch. This is not an empty judgment, this is reality, students have none nothing for the betterment of this vacant lot.

    Scratch my head, why is there such non-even number of student-parked cars in the high school parking lots, seems the luxury sport cars are all staged at Whitney and Cerritos HS? Almost zero parked cars at Tracy HS parking lot, is that because DMV does not license bad students?

    Tract Sprinter.