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Cerritos Deputies Arrest Purse Snatcher from Artesia with Help from Citizen

Staff Report

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Cerritos deputies responded to a “robbery” just occurred at Norwalk Boulevard and Del Amo Boulevard, Cerritos on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at approximately 2:18 p.m.

When deputies arrived at the location, they found a 67 year-old female resident of Cerritos, had been robbed (purse-snatching) while walking northbound on Norwalk Boulevard from Del Amo Boulevard.  The suspect approached the victim from behind, grabbed a hold of her purse with both his hands and violently yanked on the purse while the victim struggled to hold on. The suspect was able to take the woman’s purse from her as the woman screamed. The suspect fled on foot northbound on Norwalk Boulevard.  A Good-Samaritan heard the woman’s cry for help and stopped his car. The victim and Good-Samaritan saw the suspect get onto a bicycle and ride away northbound Norwalk Boulevard to eastbound 195th Street and out of view.

While deputies were responding, a call came into dispatch giving an updated location for the suspect at 166th Street and Elaine Avenue.  Deputies responded to that location, and were able to locate the suspect with the information given in the phone call, and detained the suspect without further incident.

The suspect admitted to taking the victim’s purse and agreed to show the deputies where he stashed the victim’s belongings. The victim’s property was recovered and returned to her. She was not injured during the incident.

The suspect is identified as Hiber Perez, a 22-year-old male, resident of Artesia. The suspect was placed under arrest for robbery, transported to Lakewood Station to be booked.

  • Taking Cerrios back! says:

    Great job by everyone from the good Samaritans to the deputies!

    Let’s get more deputies on streets, a real neighborhood watch program, and cut cost.

    1.) STOP the museum.
    2.) Sell or lease the Performing Arts Center.
    3.) Get out of the electric business.
    4.) Keep the Substation and renegotiate the sheriff’s contract.
    5.) Get a serious neighborhood watch program going.
    6.) Fix the sidewalks and streets, and trim the trees
    7.) Bring back more community related programs with the Millions in savings.

    What we need:
    30 deputies = Five patrol cars 24/7
    3 motor officers = 2 traffic motorcycles 8 hours 7-days a week
    5 detectives (burglaries, gang, and other investigations)
    65 civilian community service officers to assist with clerical and technical functions
    1 neighborhood watch coordinator
    3 civilian office workers

    Assign a Senior officer to function as the substation watch commander for each shift and merge the brass with the brass at the Lakewood station. We do not need all of the high paid brass at the Cerritos substation when we can easily merge with the Lakewood station and still receive the same professionalism and attention at a lower cost to our budget.

    $3-$5 million yearly savings form the sheriff’s contract
    $6 million yearly saving from Performing Art Center (will generate revenue if sold or leased)
    $3 million yearly savings getting out of the electricity businesses
    $400,000 yearly savings stopping the museum

    Over $12.4 million in annual savings that can put more patrol cars on the streets, grow a solid neighbor watch program, trim trees, fix sidewalks and roads and provide a ton of residential programs for every youth, family, and senior resident.

    One last note: The Performing Arts Center cost the city over $60 million to build and has never turned a profit. As a result of never making a dime, it has cost tax payers $175 million over he past 23 years. Has it been worth it?

    To all past and present council members, kiss your lifetime benefits good by. The People are taking Cerritos back!

    It’s our city and not your personal bank account.

  • Red Light District. says:

    RED LIGHT HOOD………………………………………

    This area north of Artesia High School has always been a problematic area for the residents and for the sheriff. This is not the first incident. Please drive through the 1970’s S & S Tract on the north side of Artesia High School, almost every house has jail bars surrounding their property and windows. This is a high crime area, but the city looks the other way. Please examine the arterial stucco white wall on the north side of Del Amo Boulevard, ( photos I have posted on the following videos, scroll down ) , the area is full of gang graffiti, plus the landscape maintenance on the city’s projects, and Public Works are in dire need of ongoing maintenance and repairs.


    Nighttime, look at the red light district, many master bedrooms have red lights on to encourage prostitution. Sheriffs do nothing, prostitution is dark side of the Chinese society.

    Prominent (40 YO ) business owner in Cerritos, had to vacate this area and relocate in to heart of Cerritos because of the hooking and hi crime surrounding the north side of the campus. E Lakewood Library sits close to this intersection, gypsies are stealing the library blind. Del Amo Ralphs market closed because of the crime rate escalating.

    Western side Artesia High School Parking lot has red banner erected in the parking lot, symbol for prostitution. When I contacted the administration at ABC, told the red is to inform hood of prostitution.

    Night time, hi crime areas, city trees are 100% covering and blocking the street light poles. Gutters are full of contaminated cesspool of water, breeding bugs and insects.

    In addition, the city is not maintaining the center meridians in the area either, Plus when you drive by this area noticed breached asphalt on Del Amo Boulevard, it is full of roots, swales and potholes. Also look at the high numbers of prostitution after school in this area, a lot of the children leaving the school, used hitchhiking to get back into their cities of Bellflower, Norwalk, Compton and North Long Beach, and I’m sure there’s a lot of prostitution going down in that area. Just look at the location of the Black students thumbs, when trying to hitch car rides!!!

    Both the city of Cerritos, and ABC Unified School District should be ashamed of this part of Del Amo Boulevard near Norwalk Boulevard.

    60 Yrs of Cerritos History. Cerritos Community Safetee Commission still not televised for public viewers. Cerritos does not want to spook the chinese.