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Cerritos Deputies Arrest Purse Snatcher from Artesia with Help from Citizen

Staff Report

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Cerritos deputies responded to a “robbery” just occurred at Norwalk Boulevard and Del Amo Boulevard, Cerritos on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at approximately 2:18 p.m.

When deputies arrived at the location, they found a 67 year-old female resident of Cerritos, had been robbed (purse-snatching) while walking northbound on Norwalk Boulevard from Del Amo Boulevard.  The suspect approached the victim from behind, grabbed a hold of her purse with both his hands and violently yanked on the purse while the victim struggled to hold on. The suspect was able to take the woman’s purse from her as the woman screamed. The suspect fled on foot northbound on Norwalk Boulevard.  A Good-Samaritan heard the woman’s cry for help and stopped his car. The victim and Good-Samaritan saw the suspect get onto a bicycle and ride away northbound Norwalk Boulevard to eastbound 195th Street and out of view.

While deputies were responding, a call came into dispatch giving an updated location for the suspect at 166th Street and Elaine Avenue.  Deputies responded to that location, and were able to locate the suspect with the information given in the phone call, and detained the suspect without further incident.

The suspect admitted to taking the victim’s purse and agreed to show the deputies where he stashed the victim’s belongings. The victim’s property was recovered and returned to her. She was not injured during the incident.

The suspect is identified as Hiber Perez, a 22-year-old male, resident of Artesia. The suspect was placed under arrest for robbery, transported to Lakewood Station to be booked.

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