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Coyotes Getting More Aggressive at Cerritos Park East



Coyote at Cerritos Park East on Friday July 1, 2016. Photos by Jennifer Flores.


By Brian Hews

Residents are reporting to Hews Media Group-Community News that more and more coyotes are being seen now at Cerritos Park East every day.

Even more alarming, the coyotes are becoming more brazen and are approaching residents in an unusual and menacing fashion.

The urban coyotes, as they are commonly referred, have adapted to living in residential areas, according to local animal control officials.

Resident should report sightings to animal control, all contact information is below.

If you come face-to-face with a coyote, make lots of noise wave your arms and make yourself bigger than you are.


Animal Control
Phone: (562) 570-7387

Artesia and Hawaiian Gardens:
Phone: (562) 940-6898

For Downey, Montebello, Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs, Bellflower, Lakewood and La Palma contact:
9777 Seaaca Street
Downey, CA 90241
Phone: (562) 803-3301

  • Cerritos Coyotes says:

    —————–CERRITOS COYOTE VIDEOS———————-

    Cerritos Residents, please view your garden security cameras for WILD packs of coyotes which resemble foxes and German shepherds. RUN BOTH DAY AND NIGHT SHIFTS!!!Next time you are stopped bumper to bumper on the 91, at Shoemaker Gore Waterfall, view the coyotes in the ponds and running on the faux rock boulders.

    Cerritos coyotes are also very ramped at El Rancho Verdes Park and also Cerritos Regional Park. We have contacted Seccca, but they’re not very proactive, they say that coyotes are in their own habitats and really do not want to remove the coyotes- raccoons- possums. A number of coyotes have been seen on Los Coyotes flood control, (behind Don Knabe House ); plus almost daily at the Del Amo Bridge , they’re eating the trash from the regional park, flood control and from the Target store. Coyote manure poop everywhere. Coyotes are eating out of the silver jubilee edition trash cans at bus stops.

    There also is a number of horse stalls in this area by Del Amo Bridge, and the coyotes are eating and grazing with the horses. Too bad so many dogs, cats and private patio pets have been eaten by the Coyotes.

    Pray that we do not read the tragedy, that the packs of coyotes running wild up and down the streets have not eaten one of the seniors which live one of the many senior housing centers in both Cerritos and La Palma.

    Palos Verdes, Rossmoor, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach are holding special neighborhood meetings and are trapping and killing the wild coyotes. Chanel 5 news choppers has televised the coyotes jumping fences in the island communities of La Palma-Cerritos.

    I have many photos of coyotes in many of these videos:







    I did not make the following: