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Hews Media Group-Community News OP/ED: Associated Press….You Suck!

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By Brian Hews, Publisher



What was the AP thinking?

Not like it was breaking news that Hillary would win the nomination.

AP’s “breaking” the news that Hillary won the nomination  was like saying, “tomorrow it is going to be dark in the evening.”

Thanks for screwing everyone in California and other states AP, and all the people who worked for the Sanders and Clinton campaigns.

All to get hits on your website, right? Can’t wait for that Google welfare check to come into accounting!

Do you know what you have done AP? You  have fundamentally changed how elections in the sixth largest country in the world will turn out.

Not to mention the other states.

Talk about journalistic irresponsibility to the Nth degree.

There are many candidates and measures on the  ballots tomorrow here in California and other states that have major implications for many cities in those states.

Because of the AP’s premature ejaculation, many people will likely not vote tomorrow.

Is that good for Democracy? Obviously not.

Was the release to get hits on your website? Obviously yes.

Let’s delve into the hypothetical. What happens if, because of AP’s Viagra moment, Sanders wins California tomorrow?

The Trump train will blow the whistle…and gain voters. Yikes

Thanks AP, Asshole Press, or even better Bernie Nader AP, for you.. it was really about being first and no other reason.




  • MC says:

    Your opinion is a joke.