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Area Residents Irate About Frontier Switchover Problems


By Brian Hews

The Hews Media Group-Community News switchboard has been inundated the past few weeks with messages from Cerritos residents who are irate about the Frontier Communications takeover of Verizon services in the area.

Frontier took over Verizon Fios, TV, and Internet a few weeks ago and residents have been experiencing outages in every category, sometimes for days.

Many residents called to say that the email system is not working correctly with one resident telling HMG-CN that “the email you (HMG-CN) sent out at seven in the morning, I didn’t get till 10 hours later.”

One of the problem areas seems to be Rancho Verde Park where long-time resident Jim McMahon told HMG-CN that he is still experiencing problems on all platforms. Residents are also irate about Frontier’s customer service, as many have told HMG-CN that customer service indicates that they will come out to their home tomorrow and they never show up.

If you have experienced problems, email, call, or write us so we can pass on to Frontier.

[email protected]




PO Box 788, Artesia CA 90702.

Some emails to LCCN:

I too have experienced service outage. I have 2 lines; one of which was repaired after 4 days. The other, to Frontier’s surprise, was also out. When I got a call from a technician stating that one line was repaired, and I asked about the second line, the tech was surprised and had no clue that there were 2 lines into my home. They also don’t seem to have ANY clue as to names, service location or when it might possibly be repaired.
Their hold times are abominable. As well as their online chat hold times.
Back in the old days, one could expect the CPUC to order the offending company to “toe the line” as far as repairs to the consumer. Today it looks as if there are no governing agencies that carry enough weight to help the consumer out.  Someone did not do a like for like relative to equipment sustainability or technical expertise. So who suffers–the consumer. What recourse does the customer have? Looks like waiting is the only answer.
This was one of the most horrible transitions I have  ever experienced with a utility. I hope never to experience a “take-over/buy-out/merger” like this again.

Hello Cerritos News,

Just read the article about other residents complaining about the Frontier takeover of Verizon FiOS. I couldn’t agree more. Here are the complaints the family has: 1) phone service has been out since the second week of April. My dad has the house security system wired through the landline and he’s worried of the security concerns. 2) The internet has been nonexistent. I cant even maintain a constant connection. Lets talk about streaming/VOD: the services doesn’t work, and when they expect us to pay this bill? 3) Customer Service: OMG don’t even get me started. So far I’ve been on the phone with 5 different reps for more than 6 hours talking about our problems; only to be told that its being investigated. It’s frustrating.
Well thanks for hearing this rant about my experiences with Frontier – Verizon FiOS.

Please if you can somehow pass the word Frontier, I’d much appreciate it.
Thank you for the  frontier info from the community news.
I have same experience like email cannot be used for long time. FaceTime with family being disconnected  / interrupted several times ( like 5 times) within 2-3 minutes session and all these situation were not happened under Verizon service.
Customer service was not able to help.
I donot know what to do next.
Please advice if there is way to improve it. We are thinking to cancel service and start to research which service is better in our area. If there is a service comparison in our los Cerritos area, it is greatly appreciated.
Michelle F.

We have had trouble with this new communication system and it has gotten worse from the start of the the takeover.
My daughter finally spoke to a Michael -ticket # 002498681 @ 6:41 last night when we have a visitor at the gate to gain access. The visitor cant hear us and vice versa.
What happens if 911 needs to be called ?
A TECH IS SCHEDULED TO COME MAY 7TH BETWEEN 08-5P.This is a long wait ????
This morning is the same when I got a call from a repairman ,the conversation is cutting on and off and trying it again and again which is very frustrating.
I finally had to use my cell phone to call the repairman back, and told them to call me in my cell phone as well.What if I don’t have a cell phone.
The internet usage is not efficient as expected .I HAVE TO RE-BOOTH, RESTART REPEATEADLY ,after repeated REFERESH AND STILL NOT WORKING.
Did Cerritos leaders check the  USERS of Frontier Comm.prior to its implementation IN OUR COMMUNITY.
 Never had we encountered this problem from any previous systems.
Please expedite and provide action as most of the neigboorhood is very dissatisfied and plan to switch.

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