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ABC Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu Selected 2016 Woman of the Year


Dr. Mary Sieu (fourth from right) with State Senator Tony Mendoza, ABCUSD Boardmembers and staff at the Woman of the Year event.

Staff Report

On March 4, 2016, Dr. Mary Sieu, Superintendent of the ABC Unified School District was honored as the 32nd Senate District 2016 Woman of the Year in the area of Education. State Senator Tony Mendoza recognized eight prominent women who made outstanding contributions in their fields and are community leaders in the 32nd Senate District. The other women recognized included Ani Samuelian, Vinita Vineet, Rebecca Cline, Carmen Miller, Sergeant Maria Ingram, Brenda Sandoval and Dr. Nina Smart. The keynote speaker for the event was Congresswoman Janice Hahn from District 44. Dr. Sieu was accompanied by her son Kam, daughter-in-law Bethel, President of the Board of Education, Olympia Chen, Board Clerk Soo Yook, Board Member Letty Mendoza, Dr. Rhonda Buss, Director of Secondary Schools, Ann Griffo, Coordinator of Career Technical Education, Laura Lowe, Executive Administrative Assistant and Danielle Weseman, Administrative Assistant.

The 2016 Woman of the Year Awards Luncheon was held at the Cerritos Library-Skyline Room. This event was to celebrate Women’s History Month that began in the State Capitol in 1987. According to State Senator Tony Mendoza, “Each honoree has contributed to her community in significant ways and was chosen based on her continued service. It is with a sense of respect and celebration that we set aside today to recognize and pay tribute to these amazing women.”

  • Downey Teacher says:

    No brainer, Mendoza’s wife was elected to the ABC trustees, so naturally she would appoint or or award this ABC superintendent/ PHD to woman of the year by her husband. If the superintendent had any ethics, should would decline, because of potential conflict of interest, plus using her state employment in order to win Senator award. Mrs. Mendoza is only using this 2nd husband for political gain and in return, Mr. T Mendoza is using this wife for step-papa advertisement; since Tony has no natural children thru marriages. Both Mendoza’s are disgusting democratic’s.