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Sports Authority to Shut Cerritos Store

Sports authority will shut 19 stores in California, including its Cerritos store, beginning Friday as part of its bankruptcy proceedings.

The store closing sales are expected to last weeks said sports authority spokesman Steven Goldberg. In an emailed statement he said, “it’s fair to say there are expected to be significant markdowns.”

Three stores are closing in Los Angeles, one in Canoga Park, and the store in Cerritos.

Outside of the county stores will close in Bakersfield, Camarillo, El Cajon Escondido, La Mesa, Reading, Riverside, San Luis Obispo, Santa Ana, Stockton, Thousand Oaks, Ventura and Walnut Creek.

  • Sport Mart says:

    Sports Authority was created by merges with Sport Mart, Oshmans, and Sports Mart/ Gart Sports.

    Gart Sports-began in 1928, when Denver Post newspaper carrier Nathan Gart started the company with $50 in fishing rod samples.
    In 1971, Gart Sports Company opened the “Sportscastle” superstore in Denver, Colorado at the corner of 10th Avenue and Broadway. The 1980s marked a period of substantial growth for the company through a series of acquisitions. These mergers included Hagan’s Sports Ltd. (1987) and Stevens Brown of Salt Lake City (1987). In the fall of 1992, Leonard Green & Partners acquired Thrifty and became the company’s largest shareholder.

    Sportmart-At the same time that Gart Sports Company opened the Sportscastle, the Hochberg family and the Cantor family opened their first Sportmart in Niles, Illinois. The company grew to 60 stores in nine states. Gart Sports and Sportmart merged in 1998. Sportmart briefly operated in Canada in the 1990s before closing down their operations after two years.

    Oshman’s Main article: Oshman’s Sporting Goods
    Oshman’s Sporting Goods was founded in Houston, Texas in 1919 by Jake Oshman. By 1965, Oshman’s had become the largest sporting goods chain in Texas, operating 43 Oshman’s SuperSports USA stores and 15 traditional stores; the company merged with Gart Sports in 2001.[citation needed]
    Sports Authority[edit]

    A Sports Authority store in Concord, California.The Sports Authority, Inc. was founded in Lakes Mall in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida by a syndicate of venture capital groups and several key founding executives. Jack A. Smith, formerly COO of Herman’s World of Sports, CEO; Roy M. Cohen, Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager; Richard Lynch, Senior Vice President and CFO and Arnold Sedel, Vice President of Stores Operations were the founding executives. The venture capital syndicate was led by William Blair Venture Partners and included First Chicago Venture Partners, Bain Capital, Phillips-Smith Venture Partners, Marquette Venture Partners, and Bessemer Securities.

  • Lincoln Center says:


    Some of Cerritos and the anchor tenants, have not been long term tenants in the city.

    Sportsmart with one of the earlier tenants in Lincoln Center. Lincoln Center was built after the relocations of S & J Chevrolet, and death Artesia Grain/Feed stores. Both of these tenants owned this property for many decades, possibly from late 1800’s to 1980’s ( ?). City also lost Lock and Key stores from Lincoln Station poor management. Please, no more Chase Banks in the city, we have enough.

    Lincoln Center was in bankruptcy, and was purchased by Cerritos Redevelopment Agency, the land is still owned by the city of Cerritos. It was not recalled from Governor Brown death of RDA.

    Sport Mart original owner, lived in Palos Verdes Peninsula, in the section called Rolling Hills Estate he owned large equestrian estate done in shades of burgundy. His legacy was Burgundy colored estate. His wife was involved in MVA / manslaughter case and later Sport Mart merged with Sports Authority.

    Poss. S & J Chevrolet and Artesia Grain/Feed stores both contaminated the ground soil at Lincoln station, Lincoln station is now going to be going through remediation for soil and store clean up. This is going to take a while, and the parking lot is going to be under construction.

    Hello Lincoln Center Mgmt: Would enjoy seeing a large computer stores such as Microcenter or Fry’s Electronics coming to this mall. Would also like to see some large restaurants such as Benihana, Soup Plantation or a good steak house like Outback Steak House- Lawry’s Prime Rib , Sizzler or Portos Bakery ( #1 on Yelp). Tired of driving to Long Beach and Lakewood for good American eateries. Cerritos has too many Chinese Eateries, we need diversity in eateries, as too much money is leaving Cerritos for fine dining in Long Beach-Downey and Lakewood. City is crying for good breakfast establishment, such as I-Hop, because the 3 malls we have in Cerritos, no breakfast hot spots. Los Cerritos Mall new addition, Cheesecake Factory is tasty, but too small compared to other locations.

    Cerritos Towne Center landed a new Island Restaurant, which is mainly serves hamburgers, we have enough hamburger eateries in the area. My suggestion, we need In/Out Burger somewhere in center of Cerritos, plus more white table cloth eateries and outdoor dining patios.

    Sadly, FoxFire Restaurant is closing, as many Cerritos residents enjoyed eating here, after shopping at Super Home Depot in Yorba Linda-Savi Ranch……..Home Depot there, is west Coast mega model store. Mr. Stox restaurant closed, many Cerritos sport fans ate here, while enjoying sports at Pond/ Anaheim Stadium. Two restaurants icon in Cerritos are: Don Jose and La Capilla, both have been here more then 40 yrs. During the development of Cerritos in the 1970’s, many Cerritos-Artesia-La Palma residents ate at following fine restaurants:

    Farmhouse/ BP;
    Memory House/ Downey;
    Grand Prix/ Downey;
    Silver Saddle/ Downey;
    Jump n Jack- Torrance- BP;
    Ports-o-call- Long Beach;
    Rum Runner/ Seal Beach;
    Kings Imperial / La Palma;
    Velvet Turtle/ La Palma;
    La Opera- Long Beach;
    555- Long Beach;
    Lobster House/ Redondo Beach;
    Tony Fish/ Huntington Beach;
    Pantry/ Cerritos-Long Beach;
    Charley Browns/ Long beach;
    German Villages: Huntington Beach and Torrance;
    Tahitian Village/ Latitude 20- Torrance;
    Shenandoah –Los Alamitos;

    Sad, Los Alamitos still attracts Cerritos residents to Katella Deli, Fish Market & Hofs Hut.

    Ceritos Auto Mall delivered 60,000 cars, still no eateries on Studebaker Rd. Auto buyers need a drive in- car hop like Harvey-Jonny Broiler in Downey or Knollwood in YL, Sonic in Fullerton.

    Cerritos Towne Center needs fine white table cloth eatery such as Summit House/ Old Spaghetti Factory, both in Fullerton.

    Entire former Dairy Valley area is void of Bloomingdale’s -Ikea , but how many Nordstroms do we have? Cerritos has it’s nanny group: Property Preservation Group, along with the new twist -city wide pride contest, but still we do not have a landscape nursery, Armstrong-Andy-Kitanos Nurseries died, we have Lakewood nursery in the city of Cypress, plus H & H nursery- Lakewood. Cerritos needs a landscape horticulture garden centre, along with a good Ganhal Lumber store, as the homes are getting old and Cerritos-La Palma homes, meeting major construction to get out of menopause.