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Bellflower Considers Outdoor Advertising Contract

By Tammye McDuff

The Bellflower City Council considered an exclusive outdoor advertising development plan at its February 22 regular meeting with Bulletin Displays, LLC proposing to conduct a citywide study of potential locations, both on public and private property, for outdoor advertising signage.

Based upon projected agreement terms, the City would receive 7% of the annual gross revenue from each sign on private (street) property, and 25% of the annual gross advertising revenue from each sign proposed to be located on public (freeway) property.

To guard against a revenue shortfall, an annual fee of $50,000 for a freeway sign location or $25,000 for a street sign location was proposed. If the advertising exceeds those amounts the 7%/25% proposals would kick in.

The Council also discussed improvements from Belmont Street to Laurel Street. The budget set aside was $168,500, however engineers estimated $350,000 to complete the project. Excel Paving submitted a bid in the amount of $222,962which necessitated the Council to allocate additional funds in the amount of $181,500. To provide for the funding gap, it was recommended to increase the reimbursements from the Gas Tax Fund for qualified street expenditures.

In other news, an ordinance establishing a 45-day suspension on developing properties within the Agricultural Estate Zone [AEZ] was considered.

The location of the moratorium area is Alondra Boulevard to the north, Beach Street to the south, Woodruff Avenue to the west, and the City boundary to the east.

If accepted, the ordinance would establish a temporary moratorium on the City issuing permits allowing construction of structures or development of properties within the AEZ.

Approximately 480 properties and 148 acres in area will be affected by the proposed moratorium.

Adopting the ordinance will provide some “breathing room” to evaluate the city’s General Plan and zoning regulations.

The City is requesting that the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority [Metro] provide $15 million to Eco-Rapid Transit with its member cities for predevelopment planning for environmental studies.

Metro is initiating the environmental studies required to construct the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Line. The City is a member of the Orangeline Development Authority, doing business as Eco-Rapid Transit.

  • Urban Planning Disaster says:

    email: [email protected]

    La Palma Digital Board, Bellfower Digital Board
    Location: 91 Freeway at Burger King, 91 freeway in Bellflower.

    William Andersen:

    Not in favor of the proposed Digital Advertising Boards. Don’t like advertising on any and all busy freeways, don’t like how the motorists slow down to read the graphics and sign, plus these signs create blinding glare at night, and during evening rain showers, where the glare on to the freeway wet pavement is very harmful to motorists. Any form of advertising on Freeways are always junk.

    We have 2 digital boards nearby: Cerritos and Hawaiian Garden, both create heavy traffic, as rubber neckers slow down to read. I strongly feel, said boards are going against urban planning and the intent of freeways, as freeway were built to move traffic and not create traffic slow downs or infinity of aerial blite. 405/Huntington Beach , literally creates parking lot on the freeway, stopping and reading. Sidebar, Amber alert banners are another traffic show stopper and creates gridlock, while motorists stop and write the display info.

    Also, been complaining of the increase in CHP citations near freeway ramps, as backs up traffic on to freeway.

    Just recently complained to La Palma about questionable street trailer(s) placed strategically for advertising, again obstacles causing traffic jams & could be thrown in to traffic lanes, hence cause MVA.

    What I really like to see throughout both counties and have proposed this to: Don Knabe, Phil Hawkins, Jon Moorlock and Eric Garcetti, we need REST STOPS and vehicle inspection turnouts to stage during MVA along our miles of freeways. Tired of witnessing public peeing/urination/pooping along freeways, vomiting along freeways shoulders and no place for the disabled to stop for short breaks.

    I see no need to place these signs, as does little to help businesses. Personally talked to: Honda-Penske-Infiniti Auto Brokers, all say, no increase in sales from Bill Boards. Contacted few Chamber of Commerce’s, again stating, no data for long term increase in sales to vendors within region. Some officials are referring these billboards as art in public place, nonsense, this is just more visual blite on to many CalTrans routes.

    Is La Palma / Bellfower CC only doing this for cash revenue stream? Why doesn’t city of La Palma/ Bellflower be more forth coming and take the lead agency in repairing and maintaining the FREEWAY LANDSCAPE, both along freeways and off ramps, as both Cerritos and La Palma need improvement in this area, not digital bill boards. Look at Cerritos Shoemaker Gore waterfall intersection, it is mess, dumping area for motorists, burned out lights and home to many dead specimen palms trees.

    SECTION 5440-5443.5

    5440. Except as otherwise provided in this article, no advertising
    display may be placed or maintained on property adjacent to a section
    of a freeway that has been landscaped if the advertising display is
    designed to be viewed primarily by persons traveling on the
    main-traveled way of the landscaped freeway.