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Three women found dead in Hawaiian Gardens

Report from LAPD homicide investigating deaths on 11800 223rd St. in Hawaiian Gardens, three women were found dead will update when available.

2:16 update:
Officials and firefighters are now saying the women, all over 60, could be victims of carbon monoxide poisoning.

A statement released by the sheriff’s department said that “the identity of the victims is unknown at this time and will not be released pending next of kin notification.”

The statement said that detectives were sent to the scene “to investigate the suspicious circumstances” surrounding the womens’ deaths.

  • TV says:

    Three women were found dead at a home in Hawaiian Gardens on Monday in a case of possible carbon monoxide poisoning, fire officials said.

    The victims — two women in their 60s, and one woman in her 70s — were found about 8:30 a.m. in the 11800 block of 223rd Street, according to Art Marrujo, a dispatch supervisor with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

    Firefighters were called to a report of people not breathing, and found the victims dead.

    Fire Supervisor Melanie Flores said it was a case of possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

    The Sheriff’s Department was investigating.

  • ELW/ Centraila says:

    While eating breakfast, Heard the TV Helicopters Overhead. Seems like the death rate from 2015 in HG, is rolling over to 2016. What is wrong with that city.

  • Rosarian says:

    City needs to cleanup the homeless from the streets, as no one wants to go to the city. Catholic Church is nice, but is not aiding the deaths being reported from this city.


    • Presidents Holiday says:

      Maybe this is a spin off from killing of President Lincoln, except where is the theater and Cherry Trees for holiday……Hawaiian Gardens use to be public dump for refuse trash, still cant climb away from that mentality.

    • jonathan davidson says:

      What do you mean “clean up the homeless from the streets?”
      Are you saying to remove the homeless from the streets which will result in cleaner streets?
      Or are you saying the homeless people are dirty in HG and need to be rounded up from the streets and cleansed?
      Or is it something else?