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Death Reported at Founders Apartment at University of Southern California

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NBC is reporting a death at Founders on the campus of USC located at 2610 PORTLAND ST.

HMG-CN will update when available. The coroner and LAPD are on scene now.

NBC UPDATE: 5:33: Report is that the death was due to a suicide.

UPDATE: Reports are now saying the death was an accident, that in no way was it a suicide.

According to USC’s website, Founders is a three-story, modern apartment building located in the heart of student housing in the north university campus area.

The building is home to the Master of Laws housing program for LLM/MCL students at the Gould School of Law.


  • TROJAN says:

    City of Los Angeles should be ashamed of the deterioration conditions of the neighborhoods surrounding USC campus. Cant blame the Watts Riots nor the Rodney King Riots, USC and the county must do something to improve the Urban Planning needed in this part of town, especially so close to the famous Staples Center.