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Former Staffer Kara Medrano Suing Rep. Linda Sanchez Over Ethics Allegations

By Brian Hews

See complaint click here

Kara Medrano, an ex-employee of Central Basin Municipal Water District and who formally worked for Rep. Linda Sanchez, has filed a lawsuit claiming she was fired for reporting that Sanchez and her staffers were guilty of covering up campaign violations.

Sanchez is the top Democrat on the House Ethics Committee.

Medrano is suing for $2.5 million and her job back.

Sanchez, through her staffer Alex Nguyen, said Medrano’s claims are “baseless allegations.”

The lawsuit is centered around staffer Yvette Shahinian conducting campaign work on official time, which is a violation of federal law.

The lawsuit claims that Medrano complained about it, then said that Sanchez “expressly told” Medrano that she was not allowed to speak to anyone.

Two weeks later according to the complaint, Shahinian told everybody to delete emails and documents regarding fundraising.

HMG-CN exclusively reported that Medrano was also allegedly involved in a sexual harassment incident with current Central Basin President Robert “Bob” Apodaca four years ago.

Shockingly, Medrano is Apodaca’s current wife’s daughter from a former marriage.

HMG-CN was first to report that Apodaca settled a sexual harassment lawsuit last year.

The lawsuit was first reported by law360.com and picked up by Politico and Brietbart.

Breibart put a link to Apodaca’s sexual harassment lawsuit on his website.


Attorneys representing Medrano:

Nancy L Abrolat  
Abrolat Law PC
The Plaza at Continental Park
840 Apollo Street Suite 300
El Segundo, CA 90245
310- 615-0008
Fax: 310-615-0009

Shahane Arayi Martirosyan  
Abrolat Law PC
The Plaza Continental Park
840 Apollo Street Suite 300
El Segundo, CA 90245
Fax: 310-615-0009

[email protected]

  • sweepsailor says:

    Any criminal operation or corruption riddled office will certainly have Linda Sanchez in the MIDDLE of it! She has been my INEFFECTIVE and dysfunctional congressional rep since 2000! I have yet to EVER receive anything from her! (except generic form letters) Despite sending repeated paper letters, paper faxes, emails and so on regarding her democreep’s liberal agenda bills and our ineffective federal government operations! She is a waste of time and she wastes my time even TRYING to communicate with her!!! Once she finds out you DO NOT see eye to eye with her political point of view, you will NEVER EVER see anything more from her!! Constitutional conservatives are not allowed any forum with her office..

  • Dan Wright says:

    I’m more disturbed by the fact that that pig Bob Apodaca would molest a woman he raised since she was a child and that he stayed in office to sexually molest another woman. How many women has Apodaca actually molested?? We know Sig Lopez was paid off $670,000 to erase the horrific abuse she endured at the hands of Apodaca but how much has Central Basin paid out to other woman?

    Worst yet, if that’s even possible, how could Kara’s mother Caroline stay with this animal after doing that to her own BLOOD! Poor Kara is damaged goods and probably now is confused young woman. She probably has a history of promiscuity and broken relationships?

    We should pity this girl and she obviously has a desire to do the right thing. She should be allowed to toss out the confidentiality contract she has with Central Basin and be allowed to tell the world what a disgusting piece of crap Apodaca is.

    I hope this paper can continue it’s history of investigating dirtbags like Apodaca, although I have no faith in the voters who keep people like Apodaca in office.