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HMG-CN Publishes F.B.I. HP Tow Affidavit

Staff Report

HMG-CN Publisher Brian Hews obtained the FBI affidavit of the HP Tow investigation last week, ready to publish the story when the LA Times published their story this weekend.

“The corruption story involving attorney John W. Harris, Central Basin Water, and the relationship between Harris, Director Leticia Vasquez and the WRD’s Albert Robles, Sergio Calderon and Rob Katherman took precedence over HP Tow,” said Hews, “we can only do so much.”

See story click here.

“There is much more to this story that we will publish in print and online next week.”

Click on image to view partial affidavit.


Screenshot 2016-01-17 09.31.57

  • Mr HP says:

    So does that mean they will keep all 15 of there city contracts ??