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Report : 23,000 DWP Customers Out of Power on Westside

KNX is reporting a major equipment failure has cause a big power outage on the Westside. DWP’s twitter feed: To our customers on the Westside, we are aware of the power outage & crews are responding. Hang in there, we are working to restore ASAP.

  • Smitty says:

    Lots of new high density development and development fees, no new DWP distribution stations, this is municipal looting (like in Bell) the City of LA is looting the DWP, to the City the DWP is a tool for “donations”, not water & power distribution.

    LA building a high rise condos on top of faults.

    LA building parks in flood channels while abandoning maintenance.

    LA County welcoming terrorist refugees from nations we’re actively bombing.