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Senior Navy Corpsman Christopher Van Horten, a member of the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, will be hosted and honored in the City of Cerritos on Saturday, Nov. 21st at 11:30 at the Sheraton Hotel Fountain Court.

The public is cordially invited to attend the presentation.

You will have an opportunity to personally meet and express your appreciation for HM2 Van Horten’s service.

Dorothy Owen, president of the Friends of the 1st CEB, is serving as his host.  HM2 Christopher Van Houten and his family, wife and three sons, will spend the weekend in Cerritos with lodging and meals complements of our sponsors: Sheraton Hotel and restaurants Grille 91, Mimi’s, TGI Friday, Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill, STACKERS, and the Macaroni Grill.

The Friends of the 1st CEB are providing tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm. and thefamily will also be guests of the AMF Cerritos bowling center.

HM2 Van Houten attended Navy Recruit Training in February 2009 at Naval Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois.

After Recruit Training he attended Hospital Corps “A” Basic School and graduated July 2009 with follow-on training at Field Medical Service School at Camp Pendleton.

His first duty assignment upon graduation was with the 1st Dental Battalion at Camp Pendleton where he was promoted to Third Class Petty Officer and subsequently to his current rank of Second Class Petty Officer.

He is currently serving as the Battalion Aid Station Assistant as the Lead Petty Officer for 2 Medical Officers and 25 Sailors that supports 977 Marines within the battalion.

HM2 Van Houten was selected for distinction due to his professionalism in the performance of his duties, wherein, by example, he has enhanced the morale, esprit de corps and camaraderie amongst his fellow Corpsman.

His exceptional performance and attitude are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Navy, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion.

  • Sheraton Hotel Guest. says:

    Just another photo meet, for Jim Edwards old cronyism, representing the Grand Old Party of the Cerritos Republicans.

    I’m tired of these special photo meets, just to advertise the Republicans. The these fallen vets, give a hoot about the city of Cerritos.

    City of Cerritos is just posting this to show off GOP. Local government control should not get involved with war anything, as too many religions, races and society are barred from this military support. Cities staff is budgeted to manage city, not be secretary to military functions and beyonddddddddddddd. Council is only seeking other means for a photo session of who is who in society, and the Realtor Carol Chen secret motive is to sell more real-estate in Cerritos to Chinese investors.

  • Korean War says:

    Mondays, Cerritos City Council Meeting, CCC never talked about months RDA hearings, but old Jimmy Edwards, had to talk about the VET PROGRAMS he attended. Many residents can not participate in government, when they talk about war times, against their religions. We did not vote for CCC to be Vets heros, CCC is to run the city, not international wars and vets.