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Report Cites Improper Management at Southern California Edison for July Long Beach Power Failures

LONG BEACH (CNS) – Equipment failures caused by Southern California Edison’s improper management of the underground power network led to a July 15 power outage that left thousands of customers without electricity for as long as four days, according to a pair of reports released by the utility. 

The reports, one performed by Edison and another by the Davies Consulting firm, also found that damage caused by the July 15 equipment failure triggered a second outage on July 30 that affected as many as 30,000 customers. 

“We are deeply disappointed that the findings point to shortcomings in SCE’s operation of the network,” said Pete Dietrich, SCE senior vice president for Transmission and Distribution. “However, we are encouraged that the investigations have identified issues that are correctable, that we will learn from and that can help us improve the way we manage the network to provide the kind of service to our customers that they should expect from us.” 

The July 15 outage affected about 4,800 customers in the downtown Long Beach area and forced the closure of several streets.

The outage began with what appeared to be a vault explosion that sent manhole covers flying into the air and prompted police to warn people to stay out of the area. 

Edison came under criticism from residents and city officials when it took as long as four days to get power fully restored. Some residents complained that food in their refrigerators went bad due to the lack of electricity. According to the reports released today, the July 15 outage was caused by the failure of an “underground cable splice.”

Edison officials said that while the network is designed to keep operating if a single component fails, the failure of the cable splice caused a domino-effect of other equipment failures due to “non-functioning network protection devices, resulting in the entire downtown network being taken offline for inspection and repairs.” 

The second outage on July 30 was the result of equipment damage that occurred during the first blast, according to the reports. In that outage, as many as 30,000 customers lost power following a vault fire near 10th Street and Pine Avenue. Although many customers had service quickly restored, some had no electricity for two or three days. 

The repeated outages and delays in restoring service angered Mayor Robert Garcia, who called for a California Public Utilities Commission investigation.

Garcia said the downtown outage caused millions of dollars in economic losses in the downtown area. According to Edison, both investigative reports were forwarded to the CPUC and the city. Edison’s internal report outlined steps being taken by the company to prevent a recurrence.

It also noted that Edison has already made thorough inspections of every underground vault in downtown Long Beach, and inspections are continuing on other parts of the city’s power grid. 

Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell, D-Long Beach, said he appreciated that Edison was working to correct the situation and act on recommendations included in the reports. 

“Moving forward, I am confident that by working together we can ensure the public’s safety and ultimately improve the reliability of our power grid,” O’Donnell said.

  • Edison end user says:


    Go Request App, free app to download. Web site: http://www.govoutreach.com/productscrmmobile.htm

    App is free for all California cities. You can report crime, 911 or breached public works issues. Avail for all androids and I phones. End user hits the apps, sends photos and email to city hall or sheriffs. Automatic GPS included. State of Calif paid for this app, avail statewide.

    Statewide, everyone should use this for up coming El Nino, to report any and all 911. Espec for reporting floods, slides and trapped homeless. Remember during El Nino event, death is not caused by exposure or drowning, but by braking the neck, as sudden force of event, pushes people, hence braking necks, resulting in death.

    Also, report street light outages, repaired by SCE within 48 hrs. During El Nino event, paramount for property lighting.

  • SCE says:


    Both Cerritos and Long beach ares always having power failures throughout the city. Why isn’t this power outage posted to city web site? Poss. non- posting is to protect the Chinese which are easily spooked by reality.

    Cerritos has been very orthodox in obtaining solar roof building permits, ridiculously high prices for solar roof panel permits. No wonder why the city of Cerritos has limited usage of solar roof top panel collectors. Cerritos permit fees are not in alignment with surround cities. Long Beach has so many vacant industrial pads near 710, Long Beach could be home to solar manufacturing collectors.

    Los Cerritos Mall is remodeling, again no solar roof top panels. Some cities in Placentia and Yorba Linda have solar street lights, Cerritos has nothing. Many signs throughout Orange County/ LA are illuminated by solar panels, but not Cerritos. Cal Trans has done nothing to promote solar on freeway easements.

    Yes Cerritos has solar at the city maintenance yard, the city swimming pool, and the City Hall, but the other areas have nothing. Cerritos is in partnership with the senior housing, why don’t they have solar roof top power panels?

    ………..Cerritos has the magnolia power plant, which was suppose to supply cheap electricity to city business and residents, but only a select group of businesses were connected to the grid. Cerritos Council again lied to the voters of the city, as residents have not been able to connect to Magnolia Power Plant, even though the Power plant is financed by the city stock. Magnolia was conceived to aid these brownouts, but appears brownouts still occurred.

    Chinese ruling the city are brain dead to solar. Telesea Car Manufacture is supplying free electricity to the CCPA, which is public owned facility, but Telesea is being prejudiced to supply free power to only their cars on public owned property.

    If El Nino hits hard, many of the obstructed street lights poles throughout the cities are going to be broken by storm damaged trees, as Cerritos has done extremely poor job, keeping the tree tops away from the street lights. Council lied to the voters, they campaigned on trimming trees away from street lights, just another lie from the Chinese running for Council. Remember, deaths from El Nino event, will be caused by braking necks during 911 events. We need full power during El Nino and not afterwards.

    City of Long Beach has many vacant land parcels and enormous vacant roof pads, why are these virgin areas not used for harvesting wind turbines and solar orchards.

    Hope LCCN reports the wage and retirement packages for SCE, many are making excess of $200,000 annually, retiring package of $1M, plus free business cars and top executives are driving new Cadillac’s, at the taxpayer expenses.

    Long Beach has ifs first openly Gay Mayor, why not partnership with Edison and construct renewable energy for the entire Los Cerritos-Dairy Valley regions. Leave positive mark on Long Beach, beside being elected to office as Homosexual. Unemployment is still hi in this region following the 2008 Recession.

    SCE Property Owner.

  • M/M El Nino says:

    Prepare for El Nino Now

    Strong El Niño conditions are on track to bring a wet winter to Southern California. The City of La Palma- Cerritos and partner agencies are preparing for multiple storms to arrive January through April. Now is a good time for homeowners and businesses to prepare.

    Potential winter hazards include flooding, road closures, power outages, downed power lines, toppled trees, and collapsed roofs. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the personal risks and impacts upon your property.

    Take the following actions, now, while the skies are still blue:

    1. Make any needed roof repairs.

    2. Clean rain gutters and parking lot drains.

    3. Trim trees that may be subject to strong winter winds.

    4. If you live in a flood-prone area, consider purchasing flood insurance.

    5. In addition to commercial home improvement stores, La Palma- Cerritos City Public Works and Orange
    County-Los Angeles Co Fire Authority will have a limited number of sand bags available for public use. More
    details will be forthcoming.

    6. Do not walk or drive into flooded intersections: “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

    7. Have an emergency kit, have a plan, and stay informed. For more information, visit:

    Finally, if you see something, say something: flooded intersections; people in or near flood control channels; and sagging roofs are all potential threats to life. Call 911