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Power Outage in Cerritos

Power outage affecting a large portion of the city. Unknown cause and duration of the outage.  The power outage appears to affect Bloomfield Ave. east to the Buena Park border and between Artesia Bl and Del Amo Bl.

  • Marlene says:

    Cerritos is always having power failures throughout the city. Why isn’t this power outage posted to city web site? Poss to protect the Chinese which are easily spooked by reality.

    Cerritos has been very orthodox in obtaining solar roof building permits, ridiculously high prices for solar roof panel permits. No wonder why the city of Cerritos has limited usage of solar roof top panel collectors. Cerritos permit fees are not in alignment with surround cities.

    Los Cerritos Mall is remodeling, again no solar roof top panels. Some cities in Placentia and Yorba Linda have solar street lights, Cerritos has nothing. Many signs throughout Orange County/ LA are illuminated by solar panels, but not Cerritos.

    Yes Cerritos has solar at the city maintenance yard, the city swimming pool, and the City Hall, but the other areas have nothing. Cerritos is in partnership with the senior housing, why don’t they have solar roof top power panels?

    Cerritos has the magnolia power plant, which was suppose to supply cheap electricity to city business and residents, but only a select group of businesses were connected to the grid. Cerritos Council again lied to the voters of the city, as residents have not been able to connect to Magnolia Power Plant, even though the Power plant is financed by the city stock.

    Chinese ruling the city are brain dead to solar. Telesea Car Manufacture is supplying free electricity to the CCPA, which is public owned facility, but Telesea is being prejudiced to supply free power to only their cars on public owned property.

    If El Nino hits hard, many of the obstructed street lights poles throughout the city are going to be broken by storm damaged trees, as Cerritos has done extremely poor job, keeping the tree tops away from the street lights. Council lied to the voters, they campaigned on trimming trees away from street lights, just another lie from the Chinese running for Council.