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AUDIO: Montebello Police Chief Contradicts Mayor Hadjinian’s Campaign Mail Piece That Claimed Crime Was Down in Montebello


By Brian Hews

One of the main strengths that Montebello Mayor Jack Hadjinian has touted during his tenure as Mayor, and a strength he is pushing as he runs for re-election, is that crime has dropped in Montebello on his watch.

In fact, just recently he sent out a campaign mail piece proclaiming “Mayor Jack Hadjinian Is Keeping Montebello Safe,” and “Under Jack’s Leadership, Crime in Montebello is down 18%.”


Screenshot 2015-10-23 16.05.42

However, the head of the Montebello Police Department has a much different view of crime statistics in the city and would completely disagree with Hadjinian’s statement that crime is down in Montebello.

Hews Media Group-Community News has obtained an audiotape of an interview with Montebello Police Chief Kevin McClure.


During the interview, an exasperated McClure. clearly says that crime is up in Montebello this year.

The Chief states, “for the first time….it is the fist year we will have an increase in crime in the city.”

Kevin McClure

In an interview, Montebello Police Chief contradicted Mayor Hadjinian’s statement that crime is down in Montebello.


Listen to audio click here.

The city’s latest crime figures are not available, but MPD Sgt. Calleros told a local newspaper that there has been a “slight increase” in crime in the city.”

The Montebello News reached out to Mayor Hadjinian for comment, with no response.


  • We Were Fooled says:

    Magic Jack is a chump! Every word out of that guys mouth is a lie or threat. He’s a bully with no balls. All talk. He’s making a fool out of the voters in Montebello who fell for his “clean cut” image. Unfortunately it didn’t take long to learn that Jack’s a HACK and FRAUD.

    No one that I know are planning to vote for him. It’s Christina and Fernando!