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Oct. 9, 2015 Hews Media Group-Community News Front Page Preview

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  • Cerritos Council says:

    Thurs 10/08/15

    Catholic priest addressed the Cerritos City Council last night, pleading with the council to allow e-cigarette / vapor cigarettes; stated they are better than a full blown cigarette. He said a lot of addicts, who depend on a regular cigarettes are finding much success with the new e cigarettes. The City Council did not like the Catholic priest & still created many stipulations for e- vaprs.

    My opine, city which claims to be broke for tree trimming, acceptable landscape; why spend money over cigarettes, booze, etc, just creating more jobs for our sheriffs. If they state does not enforce, why does Cerritos feel so inclined, when e-vapors are sold 9 cities surrounding cities. This reminds me of the witch-hunt of the 80’s, when Cerritos banned foods sold at gas stations & would not allow for fast food drive thrus. Well today, we have both, Cerritos is just to orthodox. Also, 70’s, Cerritos banned hrs of operation at Mall, min hrs on Saturday and closed on Sunday, well both of these restrictive hrs were vacated.