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Sept. 25, 2015 Hews Media Group-Community News Front Page Preview

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  • Election for ABC says:

    Interesting that the ABC Unified School District always brags how their number one. Well in the annual April event, Spring Festival at Cerritos Regional Park, ABC students almost participate 0% in the art competition, where the private school, Valley Christian School, have many participants in the arts carnival, and there their number 1 producers of art in the city for this annual event. Not very good for ABC school students nor the teachers.

    Hmm, ABC Teachers unions most be undermining this event, as either the teachers or students are too thrifty to contribute to this event.

    ABCUSD wanted Mello Roos Bond to improve and update campus facilities. Well Valley Christian school has never asked for Mello Roos, nor Loan for Income Housing Projects and still their students produce art on the budget they have and not dreaming about something they could have.

    Please interview the ABC Trustees canvassing our streets for the election in Nov 2015. This candidate pack in my opine, is the dumbest most useless pack of thieves we have run in this district. They know nothing about geography and very little about the cities they want to be elected. This election is going to be about racial cards, which race and seek elections, plus which race can dominate the board.

  • Cerritos says:

    City of Ceritos, Ca. 90703 | Open Bid for Landscape Maintenance
    Bid #1225-16
    Closing Date 10/13/2015.
    562) 916—-1200