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Anti-Jack Hadjinian Blog Called MNJack.Blogspot.com Publishes Stinging Rap Video of the Montebello Mayor

Staff Report

Hews Media Group-Community News was sent an email today with a link to a blog called mnjack.blogspot.com that published a critical stinging rap video about Montebello Mayor Jack Hadjinian.

The link was sent by a third party that did not want to identify themselves.

The video starts with former disgraced L.A. County Assessor John Noguez, indicted on over 60 counts of bribery, and currently awaiting trial, talking about Hadjinian.

Noguez gave Hadjinian $5,000 for his City Council campaign.

The video then proceeds to blast Hadjinian for the many property deals he and the council have made over the years.

The video is below.


  • Dear concerned residents of Montebello,
    I have recently been releasing information about Mr Jack Hiajidean, who we unfortunately here in Montebello refer to him as Mayor, hopefully it will only be for a few weeks more and then no more.

    I have known the Mayor Jack Hadjinian for over ten years and had turned a blind eye to a lot of my intuitions in which I had about getting to know what Jack was doing outside of just putting on the disguise of a so called respected con-man with the best intention for the City. When in fact, he had disappointed me like many politicians have done for years at Montebello city hall.

    Jack has a dark secret and a hidden agenda as to why he was put office. This man has involved in illegal gaming going on for the rich, does bribery, attempts to threaten and intimidate people who do not support him, has been doing money laundering with convicted criminals of this nature and continues to get away with it while our community needs and demands still have not being met. The corruption goes so deep and it is right in front of our noses, I felt I had to be a Montebello whistle blower to the whole Jack plan because I know how dishonest he has been to the people of Montebello for years and it needs to stop.

    I grew up in Montebello, my family and friends still live here and all I want is what is best for our kids and our community.

    The DOCUMENTED deals and negotiations we have read about and some of us know there is more that has not been written, is only one of many reasons why we need to get him out of office and into the court of law for the fraud and scheming that we know he is constantly doing and a total disregards to the people of Montebello.

    I have decided to use my artistic style to inform and bring about awareness to the community. It’s time we speak out as one voice and by our vote and unite to say: MONTEBELLO NO JACK, and HIT THE ROAD JACK…