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Sept. 11, 2015 Hews Media Group-Community News Front Page Preview


  • Mrs Buelle- Stable Owners says:

    Mrs. Buelle, owner of the stables in Cerritos, where a child was killed, addressed the CCC concerning horrific conditions of 7700 block Dumont Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703, on the east side of Jaguar-Range Rover Dealers.

    Cover of the LCCN, displays Valley Christian Schools.

    Drove and examined her concerns, what gives? The street is in shambles, weeds along the Blvd for Valley Christian School, approaching 5 ft in height, extreme fire danager. The horticulture meridian which was addressed by Mrs Buelle, has over grown jasmine, blocking the Dumont Roadway.

    Cars were parked helter skelter, up and down Dumont, blocking N/S traffic, cars were double parked.
    My question, is this a Cerritos Maintained street and is this under the authority of LACO Sheriffs? What happened to the private school campus for impaired adult men, at the end of the CDS street, as appears vacated and violation of Cerritos Code Enforcement.

    Mrs. Buelle, you are a heavy donor for the Performing Arts Center and routine shopper at Nordstrom and Fashion island. Couldn’t you afford to have some kind of janitorial program in place on this street, since this is the egress to your stable for past 100Yrs. How about giving back to your community, in some form of Beautification Program for the historical Dumont Blvd?