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Firefighters are battling a brush fire that is burning the hillsides in La Habra near Fullerton. It has prompted precautionary evacuations of nearby homes.

A gated community on the Los Angeles County border is threatened by the flames, authorities said.

The fire is reported near Idaho Street and Risner Way. Los Angeles County firefighters are working to put out the 15-acre blaze in the triple-digit heat with assistance from the Orange County Fire Authority.

Fire officials said the spread of the fire has slowed down because it is burning light brush and grass.

Los Angeles City Fire deployed one helicopter to aid in the fight and two Super Scoopers have been requested.

  • St Judes employee says:

    Fires always burn around hi end communities. Rich are always to poor to contain weed abatement, but dine at the exclusive Fullerton Restaurant called Summit House, where prices are some of the steepest in Orange County.

    Most of the HOA’s in the firezone, are expensive Korean communities, AKA: Mercedes Hamburger Hill. Fullerton and nearby communities, should be ashamed of the lack of weed abatement in those hillsides.

    Wonder how many misplaced students from ABC live in this area?