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Lakewood Sheriff’s Ask for Help in Parental Abduction of Sage and Isaac Cook

LAKEWOOD (CNS) – Sheriff’s detectives asked for the public’s help today finding two children who were allegedly abducted by their mother, a Lakewood woman who gave their father a falsified court document ordering a supervised visit. 

Sage Cook, 14, and Isaac Cook, 9, were last seen Aug. 28 at Los Angeles International Airport, where they had just arrived on a flight from Washington state, according to Capt. Keith E. Swensson of the sheriff’s Lakewood station. 

The children live with their biological father in Washington. He has had full custody of the children since their parents divorced in 2009, according to the sheriff’s department. But their mother, 41-year-old Faye Ku, presented the children’s father with what appeared to be a “supervised visit” court order issued by the state of Washington, sheriff’s officials said.

Thinking it was a legitimate order, he sent the children to Los Angeles.

After gathering the children at the airport and taking them to her Lakewood home, she disappeared, Swennson said. “Ms. Ku also employed an unsuspecting witness to aid her,” according to Swensson, who added that Ku also has a 2-year-old son named Zephyr who could also be traveling with them. Zephyr is the missing children’s half-brother. “Ms. Ku and the children’s whereabouts are unknown at this time,” he said. “Our detectives have been in contact with federal authorities, as well as several local agencies.” 

He said Ku also intentionally left behind personal belongings at her home to prevent law enforcement from tracking her whereabouts. “In a prepared letter, she blamed the children’s father for trying to control them, and asked him to leave them alone,” he said. 

According to the sheriff’s department, Ku tried to take Sage and Isaac to Taiwan on June 12, 2013, but they were detained by law enforcement before they were able to board the flight.

Swensson said Ku has contacts in California, New Mexico and Texas. She also has friends in Tijuana, Mexico. Ku, who is of Chinese descent, is 5-foot-3 with black hair and black eyes. Anyone with any information was asked to call (562) 623-3500.

  • Eric says:

    I know sage cook. He is my best friend. I hope they find him! 🙁

  • Towne Center says:

    Capt. Keith E. Swensson of the sheriff’s Lakewood station, was terminated from the Cerritos Sheriff Station. He should stay in his own area of Palo Verde. Cant compare Lakewood with his residence in Palo Verde.

    Swensson did nada for homeowners in Cerritos. Just another huge salary hugging personnel.

  • CCPA Union Employee says:

    Racist Swennson got booted out of Cerritos, when black father drowned in Cerritos Regional Park and did nothing on Fathers Day 2014.

    Knabe and Swennson both in bed / with no good dam union fevers.

    Greg Berg (LAPD) and know-it-all Swennson hated each other, but hung their helmets in same Sheriff Community Station in Cerritos.

    Black man is dead because of Swennson ego!!