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California State Senator Tony Mendoza, 32nd District Endorses Fernando Chacon for Montebello City Council


Fernando Chacon is running for Montebello City Council and was recently endorsed by State Senator Tony Mendoza

Staff Report

August 19, 2015

32nd District State Senator Tony Mendoza sends a resounding early message to his constituency from Montebello through endorsing Fernando Chacon for the Montebello City Council election.

“Fernando Chacon has been a public servant for over 20 years working with a non-profit organization that serves our youth and families throughout Los Angeles County. Chacon has experience working with overseeing million dollar budgets for El Centro Del Pueblo. Chacon has dedicated his life helping our students graduate, go into college, and also begin great professional careers. More importantly, Chacon has been a positive role model for our community and has done a tremendous job guiding our youth away from gangs and drugs. As a Senator, I look forward to seeing new leadership in Montebello and working with people like Fernando Chacon for a better Montebello,” said Tony Mendoza, 32nd Senate District.

Fernando Chacon is the Administrative Director for El Centro Del Pueblo, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that has been serving the youth and families throughout Los Angeles County, since 1974. The agency currently serves over 4,000 families throughout the County.

“I am humbled to receive such a major endorsement for City Council by our State Senator, Tony Mendoza. My grass-roots people-to-people campaign is picking up lots of momentum and Senator Mendoza’s support only brings additional good news that our message is resonating with hundreds of Montebello residents who are seeking a New Direction for a Better Montebello,” said Chacon.

8 candidates currently vie for the 2 city council seats in this up and coming November 3rd, 2015 general municipal election.

  • FLFF says:

    Anyone the always corrupt liberal democrat Mendoza endorses then it is a safe bet that they LEAN the way the hard left radical old Tony wants .. Dollar to a rat dropping he is a radical liberal dumbocrap too!