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Lakewood to Revise Landscape Master Plan


By Tammye McDuff


The city of Lakewood is known for the beauty of their lush landscape and medians along the arterial streets. The long time standard landscape palette consists of turf and trees, often pines. Recent water regulations have given Council cause to consider a revised style of landscape to one that is more drought tolerant.

Willdan is the on call engineering firm for the City of Lakewood. They have provided a detailed scope of work and been given a budget of $40,900 to construct the master plan.

City Staff has requested Willdan prepare a proposal for the conversion of turf areas to drought adaptive landscapes. The major function of the master plan is to identify the landscape conversion areas and present various design theme concepts.

These concepts will assist in deciding which direction the City would like to implement in terms of prioritizing and budgeting.

Based on the concepts selected by the City, Willdan will apply an estimated square foot cost to specific landscape development. The estimate construction information will put in perspective future work as well as assist in prioritizing and developing a list of projects. First priority being all irrigated areas with potable water; second will be areas that have potential for recycled water and third will be areas currently using recycled water.

The overall design involves the replacement of sod with drought tolerant California friendly trees shrubs and groundcovers. Additionally, landscape renovations will be capable of collecting storm water for retention.

Staff was ordered to return to Council with choices of possible landscape concepts and plant materials, once they have been developed.

  • Lakewood Shores Condominiums says:

    Read odd.

    City of Cerritos is supplying Forest Lawn, Cypress with reclaimed water, construction going down Bloomfield Blvd, south of Regional Park, currently under construction. They are passing thru E Lakewood, why cant some of this reclaimed water be sold to Lakewood to landscape irrigation?

    E Lakewood does not exist to Lakewood nor Cerritos, like a shadow city.

    E. Lakewood is very nice stable village, part of Lakewood and serviced by ABC school district, but is forgotten village. Many nice condo projects in E Lakewood, which need reclaimed water for irrigation standards.