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Hawaiian Gardens Resident Johnny Ray Anderson Shot and Killed by Sheriff’s Deputies


A man was shot and killed by deputies Sunday night in the side yard of a Hawaiian Gardens residence, officials said.

The shooting happened at 9:40 p.m. near a home in the 12200 block of 216th Street, after a report of a possible prowler knocking on the door of the house, according to the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

The man was identified as Johnny Ray Anderson, a husband who had seven children and three grandchildren, according to his wife, Kathleen Anderson.

Deputies did not immediately give details on what led up to the shooting, but Kathleen Anderson said that her husband was fixing a bicycle when authorities arrived.

She said her husband jumped over a fence into the yard of the home on 216th Street, where deputies found him.

No deputies were hit by gunfire, officials said. The man, who was shot in the upper body, died at the scene.

 Kathleen Anderson added that she did not know he had been killed until deputies told her.

Additional details were not immediately available.

  • Another Murder says:

    Another lawsuit in the making.

    Leave it to the sheriff’s, reminds me of the 90703 Baptismal party in the 1970’s. LACO sheriffs beat up a Somalian family, living by the seated LACO Supervisor Don Knabe’s Home.

    Sheriff’s found guilty and cost the city $6M in pay back money.

    2014 Father Day, area lost a dad, who drowned in the Regional Park Lake. LCCN is there any litigation pending on this? No one helped the drowning man, because he was black and intoxicated.

    From Friday, 7/3/2015, till Sunday Nite, 7/5/2015, seems like the area was flooded with sirens, in E Lakewood, 90703 and La Palma.

  • Neighbor says:

    What Happened to that family, which was unjustly manhandled by the LACSD?

    $6M was only the principle, as the judgment and appeal went back to the date of filing; with interest and punitive damages it was $11MM to $15MM;

    City of Cerritos wouldn’t settle and the County had to pay but Lakewood, Bellflower and Cerritos (remember, then it was “Lakewood Sheriff’s”) was backcharged with Cerritos picking up the bulk of that because of their refusal to settle.

    LCCN did anything ever happen to the cops that did the attack and then tried to hide it.

  • j. ramirez says:

    Times are changing more and more. As a child I would associate hero with police. Now it’s completely twisted. It shatters my heart to pieces to know that I won’t be seeing Johnny anymore. Its a shame he had to die in such a cruel manipulated way. Police have a duty. That duty is to protect and serve. Not shoot to kill. R.I.P Johnny you will be missed.

  • Ricky Hayes says:

    This is bullshit.. This is a
    Ptime example
    Of when too much power is put
    In one agencys’ hands.Killing
    An unarmed person? Why? No need
    For it.. total bullshit.