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Artesia Sheriffs Set Up Prostitution Sting Operation, Arrest Five “Johns”


By Brian Hews

Occasionally, Sheriff’s and the District Attorney will set up sting operations designed to arrest “Johns,” that is, men looking for prostitutes.

Some of these men can become very aggressive and usually have “rap sheets.”

In an effort to quell this movement, sheriffs from Crimes Bureau, local sheriffs, and the DA set up a sting operation at the intersection of Pioneer and the 91 freeway in Artesia this past Tuesday.

Three undercover female detectives were used as bait in the sting and immediately attracted the Johns.

Within minutes of setting up shop, three men who said they were “pimps” approached the detectives.

After some “nasty dialogue,” the three were arrested for pandering and attempted robbery of an undercover detective.

All tolled, five male “Johns” were arrested Tuesday, according to Deputy Ryan Rouzan.

It was later determined that two of the three men arrested were wanted by Clovis police on robbery and burglary warrants.

  • Hookers says:

    Been occurring for decades, even when Joes Auto Shop existed and Reds barber shop, ( both on Pioneer) back in the 1970’-1990’s. Vacant lot adj to the Artesia USPO, was home to many pimps and hookers. Old site where the Regional park stands today, ws brothel for many ABCUSD trustees to frequent.

    Even the parking lot for Wells Fargo Bank on Gridley, home to Fri PM hooking.