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Dawn Ann Jariabka, 34, Homicide Victim in Bellflower

   BELLFLOWER (CNS) - The coroner's office today released the name of a
woman found dead in Bellflower, but said the cause of death has yet to be
   Craig Harvey of the coroner's office said an autopsy will be conducted
to determine whether Dawn Ann Jariabka, 34, of Bellflower, was a homicide
   She was found in the 9100 block of Ramona Street about 5:30 p.m. Monday
and pronounced dead at a hospital, according to the sheriff's department.
  • Patricia says:

    Find out who shot Dawn Ann Jariabka

  • Chester says:

    Dawn was a dear friend. She will b missed

  • andy gerhold says:

    I am absolutely stunned , she was a faithful worker and a honest person , i ask myself why ?

  • James says:

    RIP Peace Dawn. Can anyone give me a little info on what happened ? Was there an arrest? Dawn and I were engaged to be married at one point in our lives. March of 2000 was the day but things didn’t work out. We were young and careers going in different directions. We met at work, Security at 6 flags theme park. Dated for almost 3 years. After 16 yrs I decided to look her up to say Hi and instead I get the shock of my life. Anyway any info would help, than you.