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April 17-23 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper


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  • Cerritos Orchard Store Client says:

    Cerritos Orchard Store.


    This store is gonna go out of business, shortly, exactly like former Oles & Builders Emporium. Not store compared to Home Depot/Yorba Linda. Cerritos residents still have to drive to Home Depot/ Yorba Linda to buy designer quality wares for their home. Cerritos is pushing drought landscape, the store has nothing for droughtscape. Cerrritos Homes are 40-50 years old, and we deserve more than just a hardware store.

    Home Depot in Cerritos does not deliver in either, trash starts in the parking lot and does not get any better inside the store .

    What is wrong with the City Council, we need a good store, where we can buy top end appliances , 100% repairs inventory to our old homes. Monday afternoon, the store was empty, the parking lot had very few cars. This store does not even honor its parent company: Lowes revolving credit card. What is up????

    Even Ganhal Lumber/Los Alamitos, is better equipped lumber store and hardware store. Ganhal knows it buyers: Rossmoor, Los Alamitos and Seal Beach. Cerritos Orchard is trying to pull residents from Hawaiian Gardens and Norwalk.

    Told Orchard Manager was greatly disappointed. Cerritos residents still have no hi end store the appliances-patio furnishings, no landscape nursery to purchase staples for the garden. We need a better store, inventory for Cerritos Home, not this generic Sears Catalog Inventory. Orchard store is nothing compared to Nordstrom-Nordstrom Rack-Cheescake Factory-Infinitti and Lexus dealerships.

    Sales tax revenues will still leave the city for
    The Home Depot, 1095 N Pullman Street, Yorba Linda- Anaheim, CA 92807; (714)921-1215.


  • Jacks says:



    1) Cerritos is cycling friendly city, no cycle racks to stage our cycles, what is up w/Planning Commission?.

    2) Cerritos is home to Fine Arts, no Garden Art on sale either!

    3) ABC parents wanted Measure AA to pass, this store will not support any supplies to Meas AA construction Project.

    4) Paddleford, Artesia Residents, sits on the Cerritos Economic Commission, and he owns this shopping mall and provided construction services. Conflict of Interest.

    5) Proj architect for this mall, shares office in this mall, drives $100K lux car and sits on the Cer Chamber of Commerce. Another conflict of many interests!!!

  • F I R E says:

    Wild grass growing in the Orchard Parking Lot, will catch on fire or cause a pedestrian accident, as too tall and blocks vision of motorists…

  • Pro Painter says:

    Orchard Paint Depart

    Least carry Benjamine Moore Paint, wish for Pratt Lambert Paint.