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Cerritos Water Main Break Fouls Water


HMG-CN has been told by Cerritos residents that a water main broke last night somewhere near city hall. Other information is not available  at this time but one resident texted HMG-CN and said, “my water is brown, our rates just went up and I am getting brown water. They told us it would be 7-8 hours to fix.”

The resident texted HMG-CN at 7:30 a.m.

HMG-CN will update when available.


The break is at 183rd and Bloomfield, in talking to Water Dept., they “still do not know where the break is.” A large portion of the city is affected, and city hall is getting swamped with calls.

The city is looking at 7-8 hours to fix.

Many residents complaining that the city should have an automated phone notification system to let residents who can’t go online know what is join on.


  • Watergate says:

    Always nice to put a load of white clothes in the laundry before turning in only to wake up to brown tinged clothes.

    It appears the crap city hall has been pushing out over the years has made its way into our water system.

  • Watergate says:

    The H#!! with seniors

    Cerritos council happily raises senior water rates and gives business water discount.

    Electricity discount offered to Cerritos Businesses

    “Your Cerritos business may be eligible for a 5 percent discount on electricity costs. The City of Cerritos operates Cerritos Electric Utility (CEU), an electric utility that provides clean, reliable and lower-cost electricity to businesses in the City. There is no charge to switch your electricity service from Southern California Edison (SCE) to CEU…”

  • Not a happy Cerritos resident says:

    I’m glad I heard about this from a neighbor. I’m not to happy with the way the city seems to be handling this.

    There has been ZERO outreach to the community. NOTHING on their website stating if the water is contaminated or when the issue will be resolved. Nothing about anything.

    If I wasn’t told about this by a friend we would have went home from work and used the water. Some of it may have ended up in our dinners, because I was told that in some areas the water color is light and not noticeable.

    I’m sure ALL Council members were notified and have taken precautions to protect their families. What about the rest of us working stiffs? Don’t we deserve to know what’s going on?

  • Acorn says:

    Several Cerritos staffers called in WC Ins counsel, as the potable drinking water and sanitation inside city hall were contaminated too. What about Cerritos High School? Traffic was really backed up Friday off of the 91 freeway at Bloomfield/Artesia, do to the coning off from the water issues.

    How many times has the same scenario unfolded out in front of Cerritos Regional Park, on Bloomfield, in regards to leaking water lines? CCC meting stated city is throwing away aprox 750 acre feet of reclaimed water monthly, why not allow the Cerritos Resident to pick up water in large urns and use if for residential gardening?

    Could the break in the water line on Bloomfield, infront of the Library, be caused from staging of multiple bus lines, as these overweight buses, poss. overweight for the old ground water pipes.