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Congresswoman Linda T. Sánchez Votes No on Republican Budget

Yesterday the House voted on a Republican budget proposal that would make deep cuts to programs that help millions of Americans, including Californians.

Although the proposal passed with a majority of Republican support, I could not vote for a plan that takes an unbalanced approach to funding some of our nation’s most important social programs.

If enacted, the budget proposal would make significant cuts to programs that help some of the most vulnerable in our communities- including children, seniors, the unemployed, and people with disabilities— all while increasing our already bloated military budget and granting more tax cuts to the top 1% of earners in our country.

With more than $5 trillion in cuts to non-defense programs, here are some of the provisions included in the Republican proposal:

  • Medicare– Republicans proposed a partial privatization of Medicare that would change the program as we know it and force seniors to pay more for preventive services and prescription drugs.
  • Education– Deep cuts to the Head Start program would make it harder for children in low-income communities to excel in school. The proposal also eliminates mandatory funding for Pell Grants which help make college more affordable for students from low and modest incomes. As someone who relied on federal student loans to pay for college, I know these cuts will create significant barrier for students who want to go to college but don’t have the resources to pay for rising tuition costs.
  • Taxes– Raises taxes on a typical middle class family by $2,000 while giving those who make more than $200,000 a tax break. This would take money from families who need it the most and put a hamper on our economic recovery.
  • Defense– Ensuring that our military has the resources it needs to do their job and secure our country is important. However, with a military budget that currently exceeds $625 billion, increasing that number by $92 billion would translate into fewer investments in our schools, infrastructure, and economic recovery.

Putting our country on sound financial footing should be a priority for both parties, but it should not be done by gutting the programs that help Americans who are trying to make ends meet and provide their children with more opportunities to prosper.

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