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Former ABCUSD Superintendent Dr. Gary Smuts to Assist in Search for Centralia School District Superintendent

The Governing Board of the Centralia School District has selected Dr. Gary Smuts of Education Leadership Services as its advisor to assist the Board in its search for a new superintendent. One of the first tasks in the search and selection process is to determine the specific traits, skills, abilities, and experie3nces desired in the new superintendent the Board feels it is important to obtain input from others in the Centralia School District community. They would like to invite members of the staff and community to meet with Dr. Smuts on April 7 or 8 to offer what they consider to be the characteristics desired in the new superintendent.

Appointments can be made by calling Ruth Ann McMillen at 714-228-3131 to schedule an appointment. Written comments may be made on survey questionnaire forms available at the district, on the district’s website, at school sites, and the district office. Please forward the completed survey questionnaire forms to Dr. Smuts by returning them to Ruth Ann McMillen at the district office located at 6625 La Palma Avenue, Buena Park, California.

  • K Figuroa says:

    Wonder if Smutt’s home has anything to do with this, since he is retired and lives on La Palma. Kind of old for scoping out talent show.