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Downey STEM Festival Receives Funding  


By Tammye McDuff

A certificate of recognition was awarded to Anthony Magee, Aerojet-Rocketdyne Corporation and the GenCrop Foundation for their generous support of the Columbia Memorial Space Centers upcoming STEM Festival.

Aerojet Rockeydyne continues its efforts to encourage STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Math] learning and education by sponsoring the Columbia Memorial Space Center’s City of STEM Science Festival scheduled to take place April 6th through April 11th.

The $15,000 contribution, the largest to the festival, makes Aerojet Rocketdyne the Lead Sponsor of City of STEM.

This sponsorship will help support the activities planned for the six-day STEM festival, which is the first of its kind in the Los Angeles region. During the week of April 6th, the Space Center will present STEM programming to the community, engaging diverse audiences at various locations throughout the city. The event aims at reintroducing the Space Center to the community, build a relationship with its audience, and begin to establish the Center as the hub of science learning experiences throughout the Southern California region. Thanks to the contribution of Aerojet Rocketdyne, the Columbia Memorial Space Center will be able to provide a week of fun and exciting activities involving the world of STEM.

The City of Downey is pleased to announce it will offer free admission to the Columbia Memorial Space Center from April 6th through April 11th for the first ever City of Stem event. The week- long community focused celebration of science, technology, engineering and math will hold events throughout the City from the newly launched technology lab at Downey High School to possible car shows at Bob’s Big Boy. During this week, the Space Center will present STEM programming to the community, engaging diverse audiences at various locations throughout the City. Guests will be able to enjoy free admission to the Space Center for the entire week beginning Tuesday, April 7th. With the free admission, the Space Center aims to be a destination for kids during their spring break holiday and provide the opportunity for families to enjoy a day at the Space Center.

Celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with fun events for both kids and adults all week long. Events will be hosted everyday during that week at different locations around the community. On Saturday, April 11th, there will be big Science Fest at the CMSC which will feature activities, classes, presentations, vendors, food, and live music.

For more information about The Columbia Memorial Space Center and the City of STEM event, please visit www.columbiaspacescience.org


  • C C Roberto says:

    Great, now the Cubans can get involved in creating STEM Pipe bombs. What happened to cities which support trades,over STEM technical teaching?

    Downey has no working groups, as labor market has to come from Cudhay and Huntington Park.

    Boys jail on Old River School Rd, are they part of this STEM theory, smartest jail birds in the 50 states?

    Rockwell-Apollo-So Gate GM, all deserted us for lack of employees, now STEM technologies, will further divide the community from work force employments.

    Dont see UCLA nor UCI purchasing vacant land in Downey, inorder to aid in establishing a noteworthy college university.

    Ret. Cuban Mayor, how many Downey Residents got employment from Kaiser compounds? Firestone Blvd home to used car lots, replacing the new car lots from the 70’s-90’s, because no real good jobs in Downey.

    DUSD piggybacking this STEM crap, will only aid Downey born students to flee city faster and seek employment in Irvine- WLA, deserting Downey.