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  • Aatmaj Artjun says:

    Letter to the editor.

    RE: Ret. Jim Weisenberger.


    Mr. Jim W. editorial, comparing Grace Hu Department of Corporations decision; compared to the city of Cerritos Dept of Finance/ RDA. Not justified comparisons!

    City of Cerritos RDA, was made public and not under cover. Grace Hu’s Department of Corporations, shenanigans, were never made public; we’re not in the public eye during her time as Economic Commissioner/ Ret. Mayor. Ret. Laura Lee and Commissioner Alon Barlevy made the Depart of Corporations rulings, public during regular City Council Meeting; Under public comments.

    No one in the city has resigned over the department of finance, but Commissioner Grace Hu resigned from the Cerritos Economic Commission. Also, she had issues with the department of real estate, issues with the BRE and the Remax Franchise Vendor. Her real estate license was suspended. City of Cerritos never had their license suspended nor revoked.

    Additionally, she made illegal contributions to Ret. CCC John Crawley’s, campaign funding via forms of loans. Never disclosed!!!

    Mr. Weisenburger, conflict of interest, making a comment like you did, since you are Ret. ABC trustee, and are looking for additional monies to be allocated to the ABC school district, via Ret. Grace Hu vast wealth.

    My question to Grace, if she was so busy during the time of this ruling, how can anyone trust her decisions today, she is such an established business icon; she may throw away our tax money from the city again, as history repeats itself.

    1. Chuong Vo | Occupation: Police Officer | [email protected]
    2. Manny Maninder Sethi | Occupation: Businessman | [email protected]
    3. Mark E. Pulido |Occupation: Councilmember, City of Cerritos | [email protected]
    4. James Kang | Occupation: Businessman | [email protected]
    5. Naresh Solanki | Occupation: Business Owner | [email protected]
    6. Jim Edwards | Occupation: Retired Educator/Administrator | [email protected]
    7. Sophia Tse | Occupation: Nurse Practitioner/Educator | [email protected]
    8. Sam Sultan Ahmad | Occupation: Local Businessman | [email protected]
    9. Grace Hu |Occupation: Business Owner | [email protected]
    10. Frank Aurelio Yokoyama | Occupation: Attorney/Broker | [email protected]