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Los Angeles County Democratic Party Statement on Deceptive Huntington Park City Council Election Mailer

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LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement regarding a deceptive candidate mailer distributed in the Huntington Park City Council race:

“A mailer that recently went out to voters in Huntington Park completely misrepresents which candidates have been endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.  Endorsement by the LACDP carries significant weight and no candidate should lie or mislead voters regarding the Democratic Party’s endorsement.

“The LA County Democratic Party has endorsed Graciela Ortiz, Rosa Perez, and Marilyn Sanabria for the upcoming March 3, 2015 election.  Johnny Pineda has NOT been endorsed by the LACDP and should NOT be included in any communication listing the ‘Los Angeles County Democratic Party Official Endorsements.’

“We demand that Mr. Pineda stop attempting to deceive Huntington Park voters and cease and desist the use of the LACDP logo in all future voter communications.  Further, we demand that Mr. Pineda refrain from using any language that may be construed to imply that he has received the endorsement of the LA County Democratic Party or the California Democratic Party, in all further communications from his campaign.”

An image of the mailer in question can be found here: Huntington Park Deceptive Mailer, or you can go to www.lacdp.org/hp.

For the full list of LACDP endorsements or for more information, visit www.lacdp.org/endorsements.

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The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) is the official governing body of the Democratic Party in the County of Los Angeles and works in cooperation with the State and National Democratic Committees.  LACDP is the largest local Democratic Party entity in the United States, representing more than 2.4 million registered Democrats.  Endorsements issued by the LACDP in local and municipal races become the official endorsements of the California Democratic Party.  For more information, visit www.lacdp.org.

  • charlie the wise guy says:

    The City of Huntington Park has been the center of attention regarding this endorsement and the misuse of the Cities Seal.

    The LACDP did not do an real investigation on the candidates. Ortiz states that she is a teacher, she is not. Sanabria claims to be an government official she is not nor did she live in the city when she took out her nomination papers. Her girlfriend the former vice mayer Karina Macias has an open investigation along with Oriz Sanabria and Pineda for the misuse of public funds along with misuse of the other city property.

    Ortiz, Sanabria and Pineda are personally backed by the NASA Trash company. Their Managers of Ortiz, Sanabria and Pineda are Mario Beltran employed by NASA Trash company, Employed by Senator Calderon. Helped raise money to get John Noquez out of jail. Arrested and was removed as a councilmember of Bell Gardens and has various political packs that are doing hit pieces. Pineda is presently dating Mario Beltran’s sister in-law and have a business together. Another business partner of Beltran’s is Efren Martinez, who is doing business with Beltran, Pineda. They are all in bed with the trash company and are presently under a major investigation.

    This same organization supported Calderon, Noquez and others. Please keep your mailers you cause more damage than good. Your organization has done nothing to help more cities. Your organization is tainted. Efren Martinez was boosting in October how this endorsement was going to go down. Explain that.

  • getmeout says:

    Wow this guy is amazing. He will do anything to win the election. Misuse of the Cities Seal, now this. Wow. So I believe the voters must be informed.

    By the way did they really check the others they endorsed. It is my understanding that the DA is now involved.

  • Talk is Cheap says:

    Learn more about Luis Marquez, the Mayor of Downey and the lobbyist of UPW, the company that just received a $41 million contract from Huntington Park Mayor Rosa Perez. See the inner workings of the Mayor’s Team!
    BTW: Luis Marquez and Pedro Aceituno (Bell Gardens councilmember) are the campaign managers for Mayor Rosa Perez. (that was the payback for voting for their trash company)
    We hear both of them like cash! A lot!

    http://www.thedowneypatriot.com/blog_post/tuesday-morning-report-aug-5/ (item 5)

  • Talk is Cheap says:

    Here’s what the LA Times had to said about this “stinking” contract a few weeks ago:

    “The 71/2-year garbage hauling contract granted to United Pacific Waste sparked criticism against city leaders July 28 when Mayor Rosa Perez called for a special City Council meeting in which United Pacific Waste was added to the final list of bidders after it had been previously disqualified.”


  • Talk is Cheap says:

    Now, let’s see what did La Opinion (the largest Spanish newspaper in the US) had to say about this “basura”: (monolingual readers can use Google Translate)

    “El nuevo contratista no pudo colectar miles de contenedores de basura en el primer día de operaciones, dejando a la ciudad llena de basura ya que los residentes se ven obligados a deshacerse de su basura en las aceras y callejones creando un serio riesgo a la salud pública”


    or Hoy nespaper (the LA Times Spanish weekly):

  • Talk is Cheap says:

    What about TV? Univision (largest Spanish TV chain in the US) had this to say also just a few weeks ago:

    “Huntington Park Flooded by Trash”


  • Talk is Cheap says:

    Things got so bad for Mayor Rosa Perez and the city residents at the trash piled up all over the city that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s offered to send City of LA Sanitation Department trucks to help clean city and avoid a health hazard after United Pacific Waste was unable to comply with the contract it signed with the city that called for brand new trash trucks, new commercial bins and trash carts.

    You can see the video here:

    minute 1:24:00 January 20, 2015 City Council Meeting Final Part 2

  • Talk is Cheap says:

    See for yourself: Huntington Park City Council meeting on video

    January 5 City Council Meeting video can be watched here: