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OP/ED: Torrance Police Officer and Cerritos City Council Candidate Violated Police Department Code of Ethics

By Brian Hews

Some candidates will do anything to get elected.

When I published an article about  Torrance Police Officer and Cerritos Council candidate Chuong Vo two weeks ago, outlining how Vo took thousands from donors who attempted to frame two councilman, while also finding his website had an unauthorized endorsement, his immediate reaction at the Feb. 3 Cerritos Council Candidate’s Forum was to blast this paper as unethical and then proceed to lie at the public forum.

A friend of mine, a former high-ranking officer with a Orange County police department now retired, saw the article and forum video and texted me saying, “Brian, you need to look at the Brady Decision by the United States Supreme Court, this guy (Vo) is in trouble.”

So I Googled the Brady Decision and was appalled at what I found.

Read about the Brady Decision, click here.

Indeed Mr. Vo’s actions at the forum, lying in public, could jeopardize his credibility as a police detective.

Some candidate’s will do anything to get elected.

In a nutshell the Brady Decision “allows evidence affecting the credibility of the police officer as a witness to be given to the defense during discovery. Indeed, evidence that the officer has had in his personnel file a finding of untruthfulness is clearly exculpatory to the defense.”

Simply put, Vo is no longer a credible witness in any cases he must testify at because he lied at the Cerritos Candidate’s Forum.

The evidence in the Feb. 3 article proved he did take money from the two lawyers involved in a scheme to frame two Costa Mesa Councilmen.

Read entire article click here.

Vo vehemently denied taking money from them at the forum.

He lied and said I threatened him if he did not advertise. I will go to court and swear under penalty of perjury that I did not threaten Vo.

Vo supporters, ask if he will go to court and do the same.

And who threatens a cop anyway, are you kidding me?

He knowingly withheld the fact at the Feb. 3 forum that he had Artesia Councilman Ali Taj as an endorser up to the time I published my story the morning of Feb. 3, then knowingly removed the endorsement hours before the forum, constituting a premeditated lie.

Some candidate’s will do anything to get elected.

HMG-CN will publish an article online in the next few days that will have concrete evidence Vo lied in public, violating his own Torrance Police Code of Ethics and placing himself in the awkward situation of being on the other side of the Brady Decision.

Mr. Vo could have acknowledged the story, said he did take money from the two shady lawyers and gave the money back. He could have acknowledged the unauthorized endorsement and apologized.

Instead he chose to attack this newspaper-and personally attack me-in front of what was obviously an un-spontaneous and partisan audience who yelled and screamed much like the crowd at the Roman Colosseum during gladiator contests.

Vo lied at a public forum possibly jeopardizing his career just to become a Cerritos City Councilman.

If he does something as desperate as that, what else will he do?

Some candidates will do anything to get elected.

  • Bill Raabe says:

    Most of the time when I comment it to scold you for an error. This time I am DELIGHTED to congratulate you for yet another outstanding piece of investigative journalism.

  • FLFF says:

    As the Cerritos political corruption train rolls on and on and on.. When are we to see anything about Mark Pulido? He is a rotten to the core libturd demo-cretin so there MUST be a rock to turn over someplace>

    • Bill Raabe says:

      FLFF: You are a moron. You add nothing of value to the discussion. As the late, great Joe Pyne used to say, “Go gargle razorblades!!!”

  • Neighborhood Watch says:

    The question no one has ask Vo is, “what they heck has he done to reduce crime in Cerritos?”

    He talks a big game of how he is a Detective and knows how to fight crime, but up to this point how has he helped the city fight crime?

    This is a valid question. It is a question every other candidate needs to draw attention to.

    If Vo really knows how to reduce crime why is all his years as an appointee hasn’t he done anything to lead the charge? Besides, he is an appointee to planning commissionaire and not safety committee. Is that because the councilman that appointed him doesn’t have faith in Vo’s ability as a crime fighter?

  • Politicians KY Lubes says:

    1. Cerritos city manager, Gaylord Knapp, found with his pants down, he resigned, to be employed by the City of Lake Forest.

    2. Censorship between Crawley and Edwards, Crawley resigned over the F****k word in letter.

    3. Grace Hu got caught commingling escrows, she resigned, paid $600K fines and lost her Real estate brokers license.

    4. Commissioner Chris Fuentes was forced off from FAC commissioner, for being less than man.

    5. Frank Yokoyama was forced off as Planning Commissioners, for questionable licensing issues for renewal on his attorney-at-law.

    6. Why hasn’t Mr. Vo ( Torrance Policeman ) been forced off as a Planning commissioner, or is this another game of hiding the Asians wrongs?

    7. Why hasn’t Barrows been censored over fist fighting on City Hall property, trying to take down water board candidate running for Water board elections?

  • Woo Young says:

    Vo is on ego trip, he thinks being a Cop, puts him in some superior Celebrity Status with the Chinese Voters, plus he has his eyes of re-arranging the Knabe’s Sheriff Department, in to more powerful Police Department, compared to his home employment in Torrance PD.

    Cerritos resident, Chuong Vo; President – Torrance Police Officers’ Association.

    Chinese voters will vote for him, as he will tear up driving tickets, as way to say, thanks for voting me in to office.

    • Bill Raabe says:

      To Woo Young,
      I think Chinese (and all other) voters are more influenced by positive qualities and facts than by showing contempt for them. There are a lot of facts available that do not show Mr. Vo in a good light. Perhaps you would be more persuasive if you chose to use them instead of insulting Chinese voters. Just a suggestion from an old time pol.

  • Richard Ha says:

    Following Chinese council persons all rubber stamped, motions thru the agenda, too Dam Stupid to ask thorough common sense questions.

    Elect Chinese are using the council status to sell real estate, write books, sell herbal meds, or try to move on to higher elected offices.

    None one of them illustrated due diligence in openly discussing all sides, before rubber stamping in to resolution.

    Afraid, Trigger Vo Cop- Bumper Solanki Store, will do same.

    Laura Lee
    Jo Cho
    Danny Wong
    Grace Hu
    Carol Chen

  • Bill Raabe says:

    To Richard Ha,
    As I said to Woo Young, more facts and fewer negative generalizations would be more convincing. There are a few names on your list that I would not vote for because of their previous political points of view. But I also know, like, and respect those few. We simply have a different view of how local government should run. Remember, opinions are like noses: everybody has one and it is of no use to anyone else.