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Cerritos Crime Summary February 9 – 15, 2015

There were 20 Part I felony crimes reported in Cerritos this past reporting period, an increase of three over the previous week. The following is a breakdown of crimes by category: seven residential burglaries; four commercial/other structure burglaries; one vehicle burglary; six grand thefts (three were shoplifts); and two auto thefts. Deputies made no felony arrests, seven misdemeanor arrests, four warrant arrests, and issued 138 traffic citations. The Sheriff’s dispatch center also received a total of 178 calls for service, considerably less than the 2015 weekly average of about 224 calls.


Residential Burglary:

 16500 block Orchard Flat Ln (2/9): Female transient entered a garage and was arrested by responding deputies.

18800 block Kings Row Ave (2/10): Suspect entered open rear bedroom window and stole an iPad and iPhone.

12900 block Maui Ct (2/12): Suspect entered home through unlocked rear sliding door, ransacked the master bedroom and stole a large amount of jewelry.

16500 block Sierra Vista Wy (2/13): Suspect entered unlocked garage and stole a television, PlayStation, and laptop computer.

13700 block Darvalle St (2/13): Suspect shattered a rear sliding door, ransacked the bedrooms, and stole jewelry.

12500 block Rose St (2/13): Suspect shattered a rear sliding door, ransacked upstairs bedrooms, and stole jewelry.

13900 block Acoro St (2/14): Suspect entered through an unlocked sliding door while the resident was napping and stole cash from her purse which was on a kitchen counter.

 Commercial/Other Structure Burglary:

16500 Valley View Ave (12/1–2/5): Victim reported the loss of 11 model airplane kits from a storage locker. There was no evidence of forced entry or a broken lock.

16800 block Sierra Vista Wy (2/13): Suspect entered unlocked garage and stole three pairs of shoes.

16700 block Parkside Ave (2/15): Suspect entered a business through a roof vent and stole candy and a hand truck.

19100 block Bloomfield Ave (2/15): Suspect shattered glass door of an optometry office and stole 40 pairs of sunglasses. A witness observed the suspect fleeing in a gray Honda SUV.

Vehicle Burglary:

11111 block 183rd St (2/13): Suspect shattered window on a ’07 Tahoe parked in a restaurant lot and stole a purse.

 Grand Theft:

11500 block South St (2/9): Suspect stole headphones from a Target store and when loss prevention attempted to detain him he dropped the property and fled in a blue Honda Civic.

457 Los Cerritos Center (2/10): Suspect entered Lens Crafters, placed several pairs of sunglasses inside of his shirt and exited the store.

342 Los Cerritos Center 2/11): Suspect entered Victoria’s Secret, placed numerous pieces of clothing inside a shopping bag and exited the store.

20100 block Gridley Rd (2/12): Two catalytic converters were stolen from a Toyota Sequoia parked in a driveway.

12500 block 183rd St (2/12): Suspect entered an unlocked vehicle and stole items (report not on file).

10700 block Elgers St (2/15): Suspect stole clothing and sunglasses from an unlocked vehicle parked in front of the victim’s residence.

Grand Theft Auto:

12700 block Towne Center Dr (2/9): Suspect stole a ’90 Honda from the Walmart parking lot.

18900 block Studebaker Rd (2/11): Suspect failed to return a rented Honda Accord to the dealer.


  • Gridley Bus Driver says:

    LCM + TC are too cheap to allow for Sheriff Sub Station and or employ their own policing. Part of Cerritos sheriff enormous budget, is supplying sheriffs to both malls, plus auto mall. Yes, malls create healthy tax stream revenue, but cost for policing should be subsidized by malls, not the tax payers.

    Buses, rail lines, airport security and trains supply their own policing, why are these 3 malls exempt?