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Los Angeles County Democratic Party Announces Additional Endorsements for Spring 2015 Local Elections

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) announces the following additional endorsements for local elections taking place in Spring 2015. Unless otherwise noted, all elections are held on March 3, 2015.

Measure A – YES

Bell City Council
Violeta Alvarez *
Fidencio Gallardo
Ali Saleh *

Measure C – YES



Cerritos City Council
Sam Sultan Ahmad
Mark E. Pulido *
Frank Aurielo Yokoyama

Commerce City Council
Oralia Rebollo
Denise Robles *

Cudahy City Council
Christian Hernandez
Cristian Markovich
Baru Sanchez *

Measure A – NO

Hermosa Beach
Measure O – NO

Inglewood City Clerk
(Note: Election is April 7, 2015)
Yvonne Horton *

Inglewood City Council
(Note: Election is April 7, 2015)
District 3 – Eloy Morales, Jr. *

Inglewood Unified School District
(Note: Election is April 7, 2015)
Seat 1 – Margaret Richards-Bowers
Seat 3 – Melody O. Ngaue-Tuuholoaki
Seat 4 – Darius Leevy
Seat 5 – D’Artagnan Scorza

La Habra Heights
Measure A – YES

Long Beach City Council – Special Election
(Note: Election is April 14, 2015)
District 4 – Herlinda Chico

Monrovia Mayor
(Note: Election is April 14, 2015)
Mary Ann Lutz *

Monrovia City Council
(Note: Election is April 14, 2015)
Scott Austin

Monterey Park City Council
Stephen Lam
Delario Robinson
Anthony Wong *


Redondo Beach
Measure B – YES

Rosemead City Council
Polly Low

San Gabriel City Council
Denise Menchaca

San Fernando City Council
Jesse Avila *
Sylvia Ballin *
Antonio Lopez *

San Marino Unified School District
(Note: Election is March 10, 2015)
Measure E – YES

West Hollywood City Council
Joe Guardarrama
John Heilman *
Lindsey Horvath

LACDP Chair and California Democratic Party Vice Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement regarding these new LACDP endorsements.

“The candidates endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party this week share our progressive values and our desire to fight for working men and women. Each of these candidates will work to create good jobs, ensure safe neighborhoods, and protect our environment, all the while holding true to what makes us Democrats. I look forward to working with them to advance our shared values.”

LACDP previously announced endorsements made at its January 13, 2015 meeting.  For more information and a full list of endorsements, please visit www.lacdp.org/endorsements.

  • Cerritos College Trustee says:

    Measure A – NO CONSENSUS

    ———–Cerritos City Council————
    #1)Sam Sultan Ahmad
    #2) Mark E. Pulido *
    #3) Frank Aurielo Yokoyama.

    After hearing the past 2 Forums, all 3 candidates are the best vying in this city. Republican Party has only has- beens, repeat candidates, which have put the city on downhill financial spiral, compared to the last 4 yrs of Pres. Bush Jr. These 3 fine candidates, 2 of them, broad casted their cell phone numbers, as were not hiding behind Barnyard Doors, Mayors Real Estate Offices, making decisions away from public.

    Democrats addressed the Cerritos Center for Performing Arts, where the Republicans said nothing of importance.

    Meas A, BED TAX. Just vote no. Yes, vote will only increase hotel prices, as aging homes, residents will be staying in the hotel during remodeling of their home and during remediation of their homes during insurance claims. Citizens of Cerritos, need affordable housing, to keep sales tax here and not float to surrounding cities. BED TAX will only start taxing the rental homes, which are renting out bedrooms, because of empty nesting issues.

  • Republican Whistleblower says:

    1. Nepotism as 2 of his appointees are blood relatives example Property Preservation Commissioner Levi Javier is his cousin, while Nora Benzon on the Fine Arts & Historical Commission is one of his aunts; Of course he appointed his best friend Frank Yokoyama to the Planning Commission and then appointed Frank’s sister Tatiana after Frank Yokoyama lied about his suspended law license and was caught electioneering in the Cerritos Performing Arts Center Polling Place.

    2. He has at his and Frank Yokoyama’s South Street campaign office 3 paid campaign workers who were not Cerritos residents before they moved them in, registered to vote at those offices, while not illegal it is very unethical.

    3. He has walked off the dais at least 22 times in the last 4 years for conflict of interest reasons (relating to his job with Alan Lowenthal) [who does he represent the Cerritos residents or Congressman Lowenthal?].

    4. He and Frank Yokoyama and their friends bullied the ABC School Board in 2013 into giving back Grace Hu’s $750K donation, of course this happened after the district secured $2.25 Million in Federal and State matching funds, costing the district $750K which could have been spent on other capital expenses

    5. He throws temper tantrums (sometimes walking off the dais for in a fit (not for conflict of interest) or grandstands whenever he is not getting his way

    6. Last, his part in the 2003 Martin Ludlow scandal, where he worked for Ludlow’s campaign off mostly off the books, with him getting paid by a union for mostly campaign work on Ludlow’s campaign using a BS report as the only cover to justify the money they were not reporting to the FPPC. New Details of Ludlow Investigation Revealed http://www.docstoc.com/docs/156173877/Recipient-Committee-Campaign-Statement-Cover-Page

    From the article:”Reached at his state office, Pulido said he had no comment when asked about the work. However, John Casey, Lowenthal’s chief of staff, said Pulido has told the senator about the case and his cooperation with authorities.
    “He [Pulido] doesn’t believe it was an improper situation,” Casey said, adding, “I have 100% confidence in Mark Pulido.”
    In a state-required disclosure of his income, Pulido reported that in 2003 he was paid up to $10,000 by Local 99 to serve as a “consultant” and write a report, and up to $1,000 by “Ludlow’s political funds” to serve as a “campaign worker” for Ludlow.
    Pulido told authorities that he was assured his pay by the union would be justified by writing a report for Local 99 regarding the Ludlow campaign.
    Two people familiar with the research report said it was arguably not worth what he was paid, and mostly included material taken off the Internet.”

    Of course Mark’s defense of the Skynight program is indefensible when Cerritos is hemorrhaging money and needs to make cuts to the budget, but then again Mark’s answer is to eat into the reserves until they are gone and Cerritos defaults on it’s obligations to the bond holders forcing the city council to either raise fees and taxes on the residents and the businesses in the city even more than they already have or declare bankruptcy.