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CERRITOS Weekly Crime Summary January 19 – 25, 2015

There were 24 Part I felony crimes reported in Cerritos this past reporting period, an increase over the 18 reported the previous week. The following is a breakdown of crimes by category: two robberies; two aggravated assaults; three residential burglaries; four commercial/other structure burglaries; three grand thefts; eight vehicle burglaries; and two auto thefts. Deputies made two felony arrests, 11 misdemeanor arrests, and issued 87 traffic citations. The Sheriff’s dispatch center also received a total of 170 calls for service, somewhat less than the 2015 weekly average of about 196 calls.


 10727 South St (1/22): Suspect entered clothing store, brandished a handgun, and stole cash from two registers.

20200 Bloomfield Ave (1/25): Shoplift suspect at a store fought with loss prevention officers when detained outside.

Aggravated Assaults:

18000 block Harvest Ave (1/20): During a dispute with her brother a 22-year-old female was struck in the head with a handgun.

605 Freeway @ South St (1/25): A woman was arrested after a witness saw her holding her baby partially out of the window of a moving vehicle.

Residential Burglary:

 13400 block Darvalle St (1/20): Suspect shattered a rear sliding door, ransacked the residence, and stole money from a nightstand drawer.

11400 block Hanover Ct (1/23): Suspect entered through possibly unlocked rear window, ransacked residence, and stole three laptop computers, two cameras, a purse, and cash.

16800 block Harvest Ave (1/23-24): Suspect pried open a side garage door during overnight hours, entered a car parked inside, but was unable to enter the residence due to the interior deadbolt being locked.

Commercial/Other Structure Burglary:

 17300 block Edwards Rd (1/16-19): Suspect broke the front window of a business, ransacked an office and stole a checkbook.

17300 block Edwards Rd (1/16-19): Suspect broke the front window of an educational business, ransacked offices, and stole several iPads and laptop computers.

12500 183rd St (1/16-19): Suspect kicked open a locker room storage door and stole unknown property.

19400 block Pioneer Blvd (1/23): While proprietor of dry cleaners was distracted a suspect stole cash from the register.

Vehicle Burglary:

 12300 block South St (1/19): Suspect shattered a window of a ’10 Lexus parked in a business lot and stole clothing.

16800 block Windward Ave (1/19-20): Suspect shattered window on a GMC pickup parked in driveway and stole tools.

17800 block Vierra Ave (1/20): Suspect shattered window on a ’03 Acura parked in driveway and stole a credit card.

13200 block Briarwood St (1/20): Suspect shattered window of a ’98 Honda Accord but loss unknown.

12700 block Towne Center Dr (1/29): Door pried and 3rd row seat stolen from a ‘11 GMC Yukon.

12500 block Inglenook Ave (1/21-22): Door pried and 3rd row seat stolen from a ’12 Chevy Tahoe.

13100 block Alondra Blvd (1/22-23): Door locks punched on three Charter Communications trucks, unknown loss.

11500 block Hyde Park Pl (1/23): Suspect shattered a window on a ’08 Lexus RX350 and stole clothing.

 Grand Theft:

 10700 block South St (1/20): Two suspects were seen entering T.J. Maxx and stealing several handbags.

12600 block Towne Center Dr (1/21): Two suspects entered the Verizon store, grabbed three iPhones, and fled.

161 Los Cerritos Center (1/25): Suspect put cosmetics in a bag and when detained by loss prevention officers she handed back the bag and left the store.

 Grand Theft Auto:

 10800 block Alondra Blvd (1/20-21): Chevy box truck stolen from commercial parking lot and recovered 1/21 in Los Angeles.

11300 block South St (1/22): A ’94 Acura was stolen from a restaurant parking lot.


  • anonymous says:

    What is the procedure to have a weekly crime summary for other cities such as commerce ca, or is this just for Cerritos CA.

    • The Cerritos Sheriff’s station does their own. You would have to ask the Commerce Sheriff’s to do their own too, although we have found it very difficult to get substations to do that.