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Bronze Sculpture Valued at $18,500 Stolen from Norwalk Civic Center

CIty Hall Water FEature Artwork Statues- Imperial x Norwalk 008

Norwalk’s “Looking to the Future” public art installation was reported stolen Monday night.



HMG-CN Crime Wire

(Norwalk, CA) ~ A bronze figure from the City of Norwalk’s “Looking to the Future” public art installation was reported stolen from the corner of Imperial Highway and Norwalk Boulevard on Monday, January 26. The missing bronze, a sculpture of a young girl waving her hand in greeting, was originally dedicated in 2000 as part of a larger composition that included a cascading water feature. The missing piece has an estimated value of $18,500. A report has been filed with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to contact the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station at (562) 863-8711. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or text “TIPLA” to 274637 (CRIMES).

Councilman Luigi Vernola told HMG-CN, “it’s a sad day for Norwalk  that some individuals have lost respect for our vision. It’s  more than just a statue..it’s a statue of a child. A child!  It represents the spirit of this community and why we blaze trails. Let’s hope our fine Sheriff’s departments catch those who took it.”

  • FLFF says:

    When you put BRONZE figures out on an area like that in NORWALK, it WILL get legs and be stolen! Just pure logic anymore!! It is most likely melted down by now and money paid to the perps. And THEY are most likely illegal aliens also!!! We of the historical groups are having a TON of problems with bronze and brass tablets begin stolen and hocked for drug and booze money!

    We have taken to inscribing all of our replacement packs in bowling ball plastic.. not much money in plastic anymore and perps have no market for it! Just the way things are now days in illegal alien sanctuary land of the far left coast..

  • Mark Hylland says:

    It is in fact sad that this statute was stolen. A few years ago someone stole the memorial plaque (Norwalk airplane crash) from the corner of Firestone/Pioneer. Ironically, there are recycling trucks that bring BLIGHT to the Cresson Elementary area (Pioneer Bouelvard between Allard and Tina Streets. These BUSINESS RECYCLING TRUCKS also park on Allard as well as Tina Street (West of Pioneer). The recycling trucks/business owners do NOT have any business licenses……..They also leak OIL and destroy the streets!!!). This issue has been REPORTED to Norwalk’s Public Safety as well as the Property Maintenance Department——Councilmember Shryock toured the area nearly 4-years ago and witnessed what WE (residents) see each and everyday!!!……..Perhaps the city would truly ADDRESS the situation and resolve this 4-year old issue…..